Ben Barnes joins the legendary Ian McKellen and the Incredible Cast in The Critic

Ben Barnes and Ian McKellen are going to do a historical thriller together! They cast the two of these in The Critic directed by Anand Tucker. This film is going to be a must-see and paired with a script from Patrick Marber, the Oscar nominee. This critique will take viewers back to 1930s London as we follow Jimmy Erskine, played [[] and played it [[].

Ben Barnes and Ian McKellen will do a historical thriller together! The two are cast in The Critic, directed by Anand Tucker. This film is a must-see, paired with the script written by Patrick Marber, the Academy Award nominee.

The good Liar and the Warner Bros. Pictures by Ian McKellen.

The Critic takes viewers back to the 1930s when we follow Jimmy Erskine, played by the one and only Sir Ian McKellen. Jimmy is widely recognized as one of the toughest newspapers critics around. This leads the next actor Nina Land to do all that is necessary to get approval from him. Suddenly, it seems that David Brooke will make Jimmy’s life more complicated. David is apparently the new owner of Jimmy’s newspaper. We have to wait and see why David seems to have his sights set on Jimmy.

The viewer will soon see that Jimmy isn’t the only one who has problems. Nina will find herself stuck in the queue on her quest to win Jimmy’s favor. How will she find someone to trust? This film will introduce us to more different characters playing by Lesley Manville and Ben Barnes, particularly incredibly talented characters.

Ben Barnes in Punisher/Netflix.

Barnes has been extremely busy lately with the second season of Netflix’s hit show Shadow and Bone and Guillermo Del Toros Cabinet of Curiosities. A lot of fans, even though he lent it to the audiobook Demon In The Wood, as well as his first EP Songs For You. Barnes always brings class and depth to his characters, so it is always exciting to see what his character will be in The Critic.

The Critic is in production now and will soon release more details. Fans of McKellen can catch the Academy Award nominee in his most recent work, The Good Liar, on Apple TV and Prime Video. Don’t forget to follow Nerds and Beyond for all new updates!