New Photos published for Season 6, Episode 18, chap. One Hundred and Thirteen: Biblical photos

The CW released the photos of Riverdales sixth season, chapter one hundred and thirteen. The gang celebrates two people in the same city as the zombies. The full text of the episode is that: PERCIVALS LATEST MOVE In order to celebrate the upcoming gang plan, a party of [] will be held at a festival.

The CW released Biblical photos from the 18th episode of the Riverdales sixth season. The gang celebrated two of the same people’s experiences in the episode.

The full interview for the episode reads: “At the end of the episode.”

A PERCIVAL BOOK A LETTER NOW While the gang plan an event celebrating two of their own, strange biblical plaques around town threaten to dampen the special day.

See the pictures below for chapter 1300 and 315: Biblical.

Michael Courtney/The CW. Michael Courtney/The CW. Michael Courtney/The CW.

Chapter 1: One Hundred and Thirteen: Biblical airs on Sunday, June 26 at 8 o’clock. ET/7 p.m. Follow the CW on. Check out the other Rooster-Recoveragehere.