Tom Swift recap: Season 1, Episode 4 and the chocolate cowboys

In this weeks Tom Swift, Tom and Lino go to Oklahoma to pick the next capsule, but they run into a bit of trouble. Among the others, Zenzi tries to convince Eskol to learn his plans. Read on to see what goes on in And the Chocolate Cowboys. The next story On his way to Oklahoma, Tom []

In these weeks, Tom and Lino head to Oklahoma to find the next capsule piece, but they’re in some trouble. Zenzi tries to encourage Eskol to learn his plans. The Chocolate Cowboys have a clear eye on what’s going on.

The Next piece is in the pack.

Tom took a new tour at the beginning of Oklahoma. Zenzi reads on Eskol and provokes a dispute with Isaac. They hear a noise and find Lino stowed on the plane. Tom is wrong and wants to get back in love, but Lino convinces Tom to let him stay. When they get to sea, Eskol calls Zenzi about eating. She proposes that they have dinner at Swift. She thinks it will be an opportunity to find out his plans. That means she and Isaac will return while Tom and Lino look for a capsule piece.

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A man named Calvin greets Tom and Lino and brings him to his place. Lino starts to ask about photos and Calvin talks about the whole thing. When Tom and Lino leave, Lino says he knows where the capsule is due to Calvins question avoidance. They find a piece, and Calvin and a few others find them and they are unhappy. This piece creates a magic tree sap, Calvin wants to use to revitalize the city. Tom tries to get his piece, but more people surround him and Lino, so they leave.

Zenzis Dinner

Isaac helps Zenzi get prepped for dinner when he comes back to his former partner. He shows Zenzi his concern on this mission when Eskol and his entourage arrive. Zenzi jumps right into business with Isaac in her ear telling her to stop. When Eskol heads to the dining room, she removes her earpiece. While Zenzi and Eskol talk, Isaac tries to get the conversation going from another source while he does.

Zenzi and Eskol move to the fireplace to continue the conversation. When Eskol leans to kiss Zenzi, she makes excuses. She finds Eskols bag and digs through it, with a sheet of abbreviations and coordinates. She took a photo just before the cameraman of Eskols caught her.

Find Lino

Tom made a device with a small infrasonic cannon that will safely knock out the men who’ve taken the capsule. He and Lino reappear, and Lino uses the cannon while Tom goes on for that piece. But when he does, two men take Lino, and only Tom finds a broken cannon. Calvin got an email called for him to meet the chubby. Tom calls for help from Isaac, which becomes overwhelmed as he’s trying to listen to Zenzi.

Eskols talk with Zenzi, who claims that she wanted just to discover that Eskol wasn’t lying when he told his native son. Despite the threats, his entourage is constantly increasing. Even though Isaac was an intense flashback of the woman dying and saying that she needs Isaac. He shuts down the power grid which is all for Zenzi to leave Eskol and his crew.

The Hit List is for the hit list.

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Zenzi and Isaac return to Oklahoma and get to meet his friend in Lino. They find him having an old time with Calvin and his crew. Tom knocks Calvin down against the wall until Lino tells Tom to listen to what Calvin is telling him. Calvin says he wanted that piece to help protect his legacy. Eventually Tom resigns it in exchange for Lino. After that, Tom’s angry with Lino, who’s angry right back, particularly when he reveals that the piece that he gave Calvin was a copy of.

During the flight, Isaac talks to Tom about Lino and Barton, thus leading Tom to apologize to Lino. He asks why Lino quit fencing, and he shares how his teammates react with him, and he fears he is a freak and dangerous man. He adds that his family and Calvin are jealous because they relate to their past. Tom then tells Barclay to turn back. He goes apologize to Calvin, giving him a tech that will help Calvin use and sell the sap. And Swift Enterprises will finance the entire venture. At the same time, Isaac tells Zenzi that woman, Melissa, died when the watch is Isaac. This is why he’s so protective towards Zenzi.

In the morning, Zenzi shows the list to Tom, who thinks it could be a hit list. Isaac told Lino that his contact came through about Linos mom when Zenzi got to the point of the realization. She realised that they were names of people who had serious medical problems the same time Eskol lived in the area. The Road Back is targeted at people in technological technologies and barton was just the tip of the iceberg.

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