Vico Ortiz announced he was GISH Special Guest

GISH announced today that Vico Ortiz will join the growing number of celebrities participating in the GISH live stream this year. Ortiz is known for their role as Jim Jimenez in Our Flag Means Death. GISH is an international scavenger hunt where teams compete to get the most out of each other's offerings.

Announcing the birth of a gay fiance, Vico Ortiz will join a rising number of celebrities coming to the GISH live stream this year. Ortiz is famous for his role in The World War I – Jim Jimenez.

We’re delighted to announce that the inimitable @Vico_Ortiz will join us for the #GISH 2022 livestream that we hope will not pirate.

GISH (@GISH) June 28, 2022.

GISH is a international scavenger hunt in which teams compete to try and finish a variety of items as possible. The items require participants to step out of their comfort zone, be creative, and work together to complete the items.

The scavenger hunt takes place at the end of July from August 3 to August 6. It costs $2,01 for the hunt, and for the most part all registrations go toNova Ukraine, which is helping them to get refugees ill and handicapped.

To learn more about the chillax in detail, visit the video below. If you want to go on the GISH hunt this year, please take a look at the GISH website.