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If you like less generic isekai, where knowledge is not a must, Parallel World Pharmacy won't fly by your radar. In this series, an overworked Japanese medical researcher finds himself reincarnated, following his death. He learns that he's received an incredible blessing in his new existence, which enables [] to escape from [] the existing system of power.

If you like less generic isekai in which knowledge is power, then, Parallel World Pharmacy shouldn’t fly under your radar.

In this series, an overworked Japanese medical researcher finds himself reincarnated in a medieval world after his death.

He learns that he has received a miraculous blessing in his new existence, which allows him to produce or diminish any substance as long as he knows the chemical properties.

Unfortunately, commondecidess to quality medical care, since medicine is a privilege reserved for the nobles. It is true that Falma decides to transform the medical developments of this world and make the medical advances accessible to the general public.

Here are 10 manga like parallel world pharmacies that look like it one way or another!

10. Monster-girl doctor.

Monster Girl Doctors are a group of doctors that run the clinic for monster girls by his Lamia assistant Sapphee.

Dr. Alex elosquery and pyrosoma, in the sp. 2 is a medical professor in the fantasy realm. He better live with medicine.

9. In the grace of God, God gave a heart to me.

Another relaxing & healing anime, like Parallel World Pharmacy, is an isekai called By the Grace of the Gods.

The protagonist lived a miserable life as a payman, died from exhaustion and then saw a second chance of living in another world by the gods.

8. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone isn’t an isekai but it’s a Parallel World Pharmacy, the concept of the parallel world pharmacy.

When Senku and Taiju, a scientist, and his muscular companion, awoke to find humanity, they use their skills to restore civilization.

7. Snow White with Red hair.

Shirayuki is a cheerful red-haired herbalist in the kingdom of Tanbarun. When she finds her heart acheing, a prince then finds her eyes in the midst of her life. She doesn’t do that, cuts her beautiful long hair and flees to Clarines, neighbouring kingdom.

While hiding, Shirayuki stumbled upon prince Zed who got an apple that poisoned her. She aides the prince quickly thanks to her extensive knowledge of herbs, poisons, and antidotes, and joins the prince on his return to the Kingdom. After the chance comes together, Shirayuki decides to follow his dream to become a court herbalist.

The Snow White, which is a slick anime, is perfect for a slumber like Parallel World Pharmacy, where you can relax, and enjoy the beauty it brings. They both have a kind, knowledgable protagonist, whose passion and ability makes others better.

6. Magic: Knights & Magic.

While Knights & Magic is more action-oriented, it still resembles Parallel World Pharmacy in many ways.

Another striking example is that it has a passionate young protagonist like Falma. He is bettering the new world through unorthodox ways.

Tsubasa Kurata, a Japanese software engineer and mecha fanatic, died in a car accident. Later, he was resurrected in a medieval-era mighty Fremmevilla. There, giant enemies called Demon Beasts have been fought with the help of powerful mechas called Silhouette Knights.

He is reborn as a daughter of a noble family. Eru plays magic at the Royal Laihiala Academy. In this school, the Silhouette Knights pilots are getting educated on fighting threats both inside and outside the kingdom. Luckily for Eru, he is possessed by special magical powers and memories of his past existence.

He finally got together with his childhood friends to pilot the Silhouette Knight he did his own. It was one that never happened in generations!

5. Drugstore in the Far East: The Cheat Pharmacist’s Slow Life.

Drugstore in the World: The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist is another healing and healthy anime, like Parallel World Pharmacy.

The MC is a corporate worker who leaves a fantasy world suddenly. When he made potions, he decided to open a pharmacy. The dwindling new life begins.

4. The wealthiest Assassin in the United States gets reincarnated in another World by the Aristocrat.

Did you enjoy the way the MC of Parallel World Pharmacy in the new world with his previous experience? If yes, so I’ll happily enjoy it.

The World’s biggest Assassin gets over Reincarnated in a World The Aristocrat focuses on the old man who is known for his brutality. He dies during a mission and is reincarnated in a world full of magic and swords. He can get around there in order to defeat the world.

3. The Heroes Party was banned.

Banished from the Heros Party is more romantic than Parallel World Pharmacy. But it still checks many of the same isekai pharmacy boxes like Parallel World Pharmacy.

Red was expelled by a party member before he became a member of the Heroist Party, a formidable and heroic group.

With no more heroic duties, this formerly great adventurer decides to move to the countryside to begin an apothecary!

2. A Bookworm is an adulthood appendage.

Urano, a young librarian soon to become an ancient Japanese, dies in a earthquake. She wishes to read more books in her future life.

She is reincarnated by a 5-year-old girl named Myne, in a medieval life. She learned that books are scarce and only one-handed. And even that can’t discourage Mayne, and she’s determined to make books alone, as is the only way!

This series is like Parallel World Pharmacy. It has a resourceful & affectionate protagonist. She is aiming to make a better place for everyone in her new world.

1. The Saints Power of Magic is over-powered.

Sei is summoned to another world, to evade her will and then cast aside by the summoners, which essentially makes him upset.

In spite of what she’s doing, she decides to get what she has at home, and to gain a higher life.

The Saints can get a handbag or a handbag from the same cloth. They both have a MC that uses their newfound healing power to help others rather than to fight.

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