Anime-influenced Graphic Novel brings twin magical Swords to Puebla’s Battle

What the creator thinks was Latin, in which that person speaks as Latin, according to Aztec mythology is back with a new Kickstarter, and 44+ gorgeous pages.

The creator’s new Kickstarter and 44+ pages with stunning illustrations re-imagining the origin of Mexicans-with-swords with Aztec mythology. This time, the twin sisters in the area of Puebla bring their magic and conflict together. The story of Cinco de Mayo is broken up as the larger historical and narrative elements become divided. This series, based on magic twin blades, inspired by Japanese mythology, and Wu-Tang Clan.

The Twin Blades have been present a long time in Mexico history. Hands pass from swords to swords, sometimes in open and sometimes through whispers passing in darkened rooms. However, there are only one-in-one species, swarms like Catalina and Perez, with their aura. This is their story, which was built on the blood and the obsidians.

Julio Suarez (@ultimatejulio) August 2-22 2022

While there are other graphic novel novels which come before this is, Jarred Lujan wrote on the Kickstarter page that you can just begin with that one. The first book is more influenced by Aztec-inspired mythology (which, the campaign page makes a lot of suggestions), but these two books are separate stories. The team of creatives is full of Latinx artists and writers. Lujan, while Julio Sanchez and Rocco Langg are rereading the first novel. The letter, Gabiela Downie, joins the project. They created the logos by Andrea Rosales and Lucas Gattoni.

The importance of the USA is important.

Cinco de Mayo is one of the most bastardized cultural holidays in the United States. In spite of saying this not Mexican Independence Day, which the day marking the Battle of Puebla, people and large businesses are not aware of the vital importance of the day. Mexico had basically an internal multi-year civil war and had to suspend its debts to America and a number of European powers. While several of the countries (including the United States, Spain, and the United States) planned to invade, only France went. But instead of able to take control of the country wrath in turmoil, Mexicans unified against the common colonial enemy.

It’s important to the US, the French made money for the Confederacy, and this is because the Confederacy wasn’t a fan of Mexico’s role as a railroad end-of-road. Mexico proved a feasible way to escape slavery to many countries than the US (where the flea-off was supported) or Canada. France had a military presence in a large part of North America and wasn’t very helpful for the end of slavery. From the Haitian Revolution to the British War and the New Orleans War, France’s foreign policy was a critical part of the American politics.

If a lone wielder’s death will kill the god with foreign weapons and war machines never seen before to find him.

Jarred Lujan C&T 1 on 8/17! (@jarredlujan) August 2, 2022.

This bit of the history of the United States doesn’t seem to be an active part of this project. It should not only be remembered, but it is also important to remember the many bordering countries and the many of the Americans that share it (particularly those that live in Mexico’s fifth-largest city). Watchmen of HBO (regarding the Tulsa Massacre) and more have reminded us of the power of science-fiction and fantasy as great vehicles to share some really rare yet very poor and sometimes quite ununderstood parts of history. This graphic novel is the continued legacy of the Chicanx making space for themselves integral and ever-present part of American culture.

(Image: JCSUA, Jarred Lujan).