Has Harry Styles joined the Star Wars Universe?

It doesn't surprise me that there's rumour that the One Direction alum will appear in the Star Wars universe but amazingly much of that is real?

Harry Styles made his acting debut in the 2017 film Dunkirk by Christopher Nolans Academy Award-winning film. He has again appeared on the big screen in a cameo in the Marvel film series Marvel Eternals as Eros, later known as Starfox, the Titan who appears like Thanos brother. He’ll be on display in two films this year in Dont Worry and My Policeman, where he will be starring alongside The Crowns Emma Corrin. I’m surprised, even though all the time is true!

The Rumor

A magazine that said that the sources known as As It Is, confirmed the casting of the singers, confirmed that the story about Styles orienting toward a galaxy far, far, went public when an article released by a site called Giant Freakin Robot released an article. The article writes, According to us trusted and proven sources, Harry Styles is currently looking for an upcoming Star Wars show, which is probably the best way to enter a galaxy far, away. Andor is a leading star for this franchise. Until now, styles appear in the upcoming Star Wars prequel and not movie, which features Diego Luna and will appear in the next movie, andor. The show will follow Andor through the timeline, which leads to the event of Rogue One (the stage is set during A New Hope).

Is it true?

All this sounds wonderful, and I hate to say this, but these are all rumors. No other source confirmed that Styles will appear on the show. Not to mention the fact that Andor will be released in September, then as the rumors are, shouldn’t major outlets have been talking about that now?

Giant Freakin Robot has a full page dedicated to what they deem as exclusive stories of theirs that have been confirmed. I sifted through all of the stories and noted several pieces that have recently been confirmed true. Take that story to tell a story about Taron Egerton, in which he told the Marvel crew he was in talks in April to play Wolverine. The actor himself recently confirmed he has been keen on the iconic character and has even gotten to the end of his life with his big boss Kevin Feige himself.

Despite all that, the information remains unconfirmed and, as of now, unfounded.


Andor will make its way to Disney on September 21th, and will premiere with three episodes. It has been confirmed that it will run for two seasons and sees the return, not only of Diego Luna as the titular character, but Genevieve OReilly as Mothma and Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera. Veteran actor Stellan Skarsgard will also appear as a rebel leader. This exhibition will focus on the early days of the Rebellion and their fight against the Empire. This trailer reflects Rogue One’s very good qualities and with that, it seems safe to say that with or without a Harry Styles appearance, there’ll be no more peace of mind when the riot and the dream come.

Marvel has a feature.