Locals hold a Obon Festival in the shadow of life-sized VOTOMS Robotics (Origon Festival)

The inagi city tourist bureau created the nearly half-a-foot statue in March 2020. Last weekend residents of Inagi City, in western Tokyo, held a night dance on an Obon festival in a park with a life-size statue of a Scopedog mecha. Those gatherings will meet the traditional and sci-fi, a gathering of a nature-driven televised mansion, along with the “the tiger”.

The nearly 12 foot-and-a-half statue was erected in March 2020 by the inagi city Tourism Bureau.

In this weekend, residents of Inagi City, West Tokyo, held an Obon festival dance in a park that contains a life-size Armored Trooper Votoms Scopedog mecha, giving a surreal meeting of traditional and sci-fi.

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The nearly 12-foot-long statue was erected in March 2020 by the Inagi City Tourism Bureau. It is a one of the highest mecha statues in the city, with the work of the native of Inagi and the godfather of all the engineers of this type, Kunio Okawara. Other statues of the man who has mecha in this area include the RX-78-02 Gundam and the MS-06 Zaku II from Mobile Suit Gundam, and the Yatter Wan from Yatterman although these aren’t life-size like the Scopedog.

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