Nokia Clock Summoner: R Now Available on iOS & Android

Damo Games and Pokelabo announced their mobile gacha JRPG, Cross Summoner: R is now available for iOS and Android.

This new film features new stories, retro hand-drawn art, and a great cast. In the whole title, the world endured a long-sought period of peace after a fight against the Black Iron Mage. Nevertheless, some people began to realize that the myth of immortality is endless. It’s up to the majority of the world to stop this horrible horror.

The players have the keys to play:

  • PVE: Enjoy large battle scenes that play out over an expansive story map, take on powerful boss quests that give you the thrill and heights you have in a tower climbing mode. For limited time resources, players get exclusive purchases.
  • PVP: Face the harshness of arena warfare and discover new ways to coordinate with your enemies to reach the top.
  • Training: Build characters through a new level of understanding, getting gear, skills, and star upgrades, and deepening bonds. The Magic Sigil lets you acquire permanent attributes.
  • Guilds: Create strong academies with your friends.

There are a couple of screenshots and keys to view in our gallery below.

Below is the launch trailer of the games.

Players can use the SUMNR10 giftcode to get free draws.