Now a traditional Japanese bon dance is performed next to a life-size robot statueVida

The traditional anime opening theme song provides a musical accompaniment for the summer break in Tokyo.

The classic anime opening theme song is the accompaniment to old-school summer celebrations in Tokyo.

The annual summer festival in Tokyo, held in Higashi Naganuma the neighbourhood of Inagi city for the end of July. I think mainly that, as often as possible, that is the local community celebration.

Bon odori is a group dance in which participants move together in a circle while giving free music to their children, and sing traditional folk songs and drums as a play. Since you can watch the above video from Twitter and @macha780, Higashi Naganumas bon odori looks like any of the ten other towns.

When the camera is holding in a huge anime robot, we’ll see the stalls.

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Of course, if you are a mecha connoisseur with a taste for classics, you probably expect that particular robot to be nearby, because the song playing at this part of the bon dance is Yes Sadame (The Night of Flames) the opening theme of 1983 TV anime Armored Trooper Votoms, and the robot is a full-scale recreation of the ATM-09-ST Scopedog.

Of course, this all just begs the question of why Inagi has a Scopedog statue, and besides this, the hometown of Votoms mecha designer Kunio Okawara is a goodwill ambassador for the city. Although Okawara was also a mecha designer for dozens of other anime, including the original Mobile Suit Gundam, and a huge number of sequels and spinoffs.

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The Scopedog statue was erected in March 2020 and stands in an interstate just outside of the Inagi-Naganuma Station and is a part of the JR Nambu line, and not far from Tachikawa. With 3,8 feet (12.5 feet tall), anime scholars could question whether the Scopedog qualifies as a full-status mecha or rather to be considered a powered armor.

A very beautiful scene! The best bon dance of the year. The drum of taiko really works for me. Watching that video makes me feel like dancing too! I’d like to live in this city. Would you definitely go to the bon dance Higashi Naganumas next year?

And even for those at these years danced!

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As of August 1st 2010, the Scopedog has decided to revamp its Red Shoulder version. Currently, it will have more and more options to come.

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