Republicans agree to approve Kansas voting for the protection of abortion rights Is a wake-up call?

Lindsey Graham told the HuffPost that its definitely a wake-up call for us. But it is not clear exactly what he has to mean by that.

The republicans seem a little worried after the overwhelming rebuke of the recent attempt to amend the state constitution to allow parliament to ban abortion.

HuffPost asked a number of senators and senators of the Republican State to react to the vote. Kentucky’s Thom Tillis responded, Kansas, where red states are very hard to find the words. I think people should look at him. Lindsey Graham said that It’s definitely a wake-up call for us, but it’s not clear how he behaved. In a frank world, Republicans would get a wake-up call to the realization that abortion is an essential right that the majority of Americans across the political spectrum aren’t willing to abandon their arms. Congress would accept that and stop trying to trample over it. Something told me it’s not what she’s meant. Perhaps not he actually means they have to rethink their messaging around said trampling.

Not every Republican is willing to pull his head out of the sand and accept that abortion isn’t a liberal issue and that it affects all of us. Senator Roy Blunt told HuffPost that as soon as November the largest motivator for the voters this time will be the economy.

Imagine living in the world we live in and still without understanding that access to abortion is a practical economic matter. It’s not fair that people worry about their economy. The ability to make family planning decisions is a key factor in fulfilling these concerns.

The pill and legal abortion made women, for the first time in human history, able to escape poverty, because of their total economic dependence on men. That also improved the economy, and here is how #christofascist backward-ism will reverse it.

Nina Burleigh (@ninaburleigh) August 4, 2022.

The Kansas vote is not just conservative lawmakers who were stunned by the vote. Watch Foxs Laura Ingraham come to the news with a awkward pause as she learned how the results live in the air:

Acyn (@Acyn) August 3, 2022.

People who have been profiting from reproductive oppression seem somewhat afraid right now. Good, they should be.

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