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The episode will air on August 14, 21 after the film opens on Saturday. The official website of the One Piece Film Red anime film announced on Thursday that the One Piece television anime will air in the movie on August 14, 21. The episodes will depict moments that take place 10 years before [] [] at that time.

The film’s opening on Sunday’s 14th o’clock, 21th o’clock after the 14th o’clock.

The official website for the Red anime film One Piece announced on Thursday that the television anime One Piece will air all the two days at the same time on July 14 and 21. The episodes will depict moments that take place 10 years before the events of the film and feature young Luffy and Uta with Shanks Red Hair Pirates. Young Nami and Zoro, as well as returning characters, are coming to the show. The episodes will show the Straw Hat crew making the way to Elegia, the famous musician’s Island, and the setting for the film.

The film will open on Saturday in Japan. There will be IMAX screenings in 27 theaters in Japan that will be open with regular screenings. The film will also have an opening day screening of MX4D, 4DX and Dolby Atmos. Crunchyroll is directing the upcoming One Piece Cinematic Red anime film to the USA this fall. The screening will be available in Japanese, English and English as well.

In July of One Piece Day & the End of the War, the movie got its world premiere on Nippon Budokan.

The film will focus on a new character named ‘Uta’, a former Shanks girl. Kaori Nazuka is the voice of Uta, while Ado will be the voice of the characters. Ado is performing the movie theme song Shinjidai (New Genesis) also. Kenjiro Tsuda will play Gordon in the film.

I believe that the pirate Ganzak is a unique solution. The story is written by Tsutomu Kuroiwa – One Piece Film, One Piece: A Heart of Gold, GANTZ:O, live-action Black Butler -; the anime creator of one Piece is giving an executive direction.

Oda designed the battlewear that was built for the film, which featured a theme like the rock x pirate, and feature a stud with leather and a stud for a Middle Ages style.

The 14th movie of the production launched in the United States in August of 2019, and earned more than 10 million yen (about USD 93 million) at the box office worldwide. Funimation presented the film to the state’s and Canada’s film premiere in October. In the film, the anime celebrated the twentyth anniversary.

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