The Bullet Train Review: Brad Pitt Cannot Save This MSD Actionfighter

Brad Pitt is the biggest Hollywood movie ever! It is absolutely no doubt about that. He has been very strong for many decades and has had the ability to grow a career by being more than just a nice face. The actor has worked with some of the best filmmakers in their field. Bullet Train Review: Brad Pitt Can't Save This Sequenze Action-Comedy Read More.

Brad Pitt was one of the greatest actresses of the year! There’s no doubt about that. The actor has been going strong for several decades and is capable of going on a career. He is more than just a pretty face. The actor has worked with some of the best filmmakers in his field, including David Fincher and Quentin Tarantino. Of course, he has a certain tendency to build a blockbuster than you have imagined. His greatest movie was World War Z.

How do you think the bullet train film will suit your financial success? Bullet Train is a movie directed by David Leitch. The film stars Brad Pitt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree-Henry, Joey King, Andrew Koji, Bad Bunny and many more. The film is based on the novel Maria Beetle, written by Kotaro Isaka, and tells the story of Ladybug, a veteran assassin hired to help in a pick-up job for another assassin. As soon as he realizes there are others like this, things get a bit crazy.

Since the beginning, Bullet Train does something that not many movies do, it takes advantage of the fact that Brad Pitt is a very funny guy. We get chance to see this side of Pitt in the best way possible. The actor is surely the best in the movie. He anchors the movie, which is very welcome, since the rest of the characters are everywhere.

Bullet train is tedious. It uses its large cast of names to make attention to the viewer. Because, more often than not, those expectations are flat, and the story just aims to recreate the feeling of watching Tarantino movie. After Poverty, many directors tried to do the same and failed. It’s very odd that, after almost three decades, Bullet Train tries to do the same thing, and, of course, it fails to do it.

No one really can recreate Tarantino with his dialogue. Everything is meticulously planned, and it has a different rhythm. What Leitch and the filmmaker, Zak Olkewicz, try to do here is to find that sensation. If it doesn’t matter how well the dialogue seems, the ability of the trainer to listen to and talk to us. The jokes don’t really bounce as they should, and some conversations aren’t as clever as they think they are. There are a lot of tricks and many absurd stuff going on here.

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The film doesn’t get the lottery. The internal logic of the film is almost nonexistent and although this permits the movie to go almost all in one direction, the same aspect also creates a problem. Depending on what kind of situation it’s like, it won’t be a good thing and the film doesn’t even exist because its own internal logic will never get the same effect. There are lots of characters and many characters with different backgrounds. If you have seen Family Guy at least once, that movie will remind you of how it presents its humor so much.

But it’s just great fun; the film doesn’t have any major ambitions but you will definitely notice that there’s something special missing. The large cast also affects too many characters with no time to develop any of them. What are you apologizing for the motivation of those people who say they have come as superficial or only pointless, are they also absurd?

One aspect that is truly disappointing is the action sequence. There’s not an outstanding scene in that movie. This is a really strange situation: we are talking about David Leitch, director of the first John Wick (alongside Chad Stahelski) and Atomic Blonde. This guy is able to help create action, but instead, they do not have much time to work out. Everything’s half-baked. No one from the same production company, 87 North, feels better directed and has a much better job.

The design on the cheap side also might feel a little disappointing. The train where most of the movies are due to take place seems very fake. The walls, the ceilings, the seats, everything feels hyperreal, a carton almost, and the target is certain to be the right thing, but it turns out the movie is full of tension. You may never feel like characters are on the bullet train. Watch the “Koyoto Busan” movie. It’s way better than it is.

Bullet Train is not at all in the middle of everything. It’s watchable, but when you feel it, it turns out this could have been so much better, especially considering the magnitude. So, that movie is one that can be watched on Sundays. Leitch is considering more projects. Let’s hope that he can be able to take his A-game to those who need it. Now, of the original John Wick team, it feels like he’s behind, as far as the younger filmmaker.