The Warner Bros. Discovery thinks that Fandom/HBO Max is for the Boys

Is it true? Is this because they think men are more likely to watch superhero movies? What is this? 1955?

Just a few things that burn blood, likewise, make you think about something about a gender. On the one hand it erases the non-binary fans, and on the other hand it is an outdated way of looking at nerddom. People were often labeled as fans of comics and Star Wars, but it still remained true, but the outdated view continued on with the merger for Warner Bros.

At the Earnings Call on August 4 for Warner Bros. Discovery, they show some slide of their future expectations, their adjustments (including the shelving of Batgirl) and then they show what both HBO Max and Discovery+ coming together into a single platform means for them as a company.

While they could have focused on their content and how they varies between genres and programming, they decided to take it one step further by saying that HBO Max has a male skew and that it is the Home of Fandoms’ and the Home of Discovery+s female skew while it’s the Home of Genredoms.

Rachatha all by all.

You know, HBO Max is only for the boys.

How can you even track that data?

Sure, there might be a type of data which gives them an idea of whos watching what on the platform, but outside of that, my gender isn’t attached to my profile on our HBO Max account. How would they know who’s watching it from my profile? Are you going to call the person who paid for it? You don’t do so! Your data is incorrect right out of the gate.

And again, labeling it this way also erases non-binary fans in the conversation. Isn’t it just not on their radar? Or does their data actually matter to what someone on the PowerPoint point out?

Scandals like sexuality.

The problem with that way of thinking is that the HBO Max bullet points label the platform as more scripted shows and they’re lean in programs, not the Discovery+ content, essentially based on reality television and the comforts view, but are only not allowed to think with their TV and women are not.

It seems like something a senior executive like this would say in a movie show about how television is made, and we all laugh at how he is so brutally sexist he is.

The sexism of this is insane

rachel tolleson (@redecorateradio) August 4, 2022.

Again, definitely, they have some type of data behind it, but as soon as you realize that whose name is on the service, you slowly turn on the information, you realize it’s almost impossible to track it. So, it seems more likely they got this idea based on the content that is on the streaming platform, making this slide more sexist.

Alex Zalben (@azalben) August 4, 2022

It’s an infidel and it’s outdated. In addition to that, it doesn’t feel like it has any truth. Is this because they think men are more likely to watch superhero episodes? What’s this? 1955?

(The actual image is the NBC).