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Having finally unveiled the title for book two of the series as part of the sequel to their latest novel Witchlings, Claribel A. Ortega has officially unveiled the title for book 2! This book is called Golden Frog Games and will be released in 2023. A statement from Barnes & Noble says that one is the worst of its kind. Now, he is the most famous of all those.

After teasing a sequel to their latest book Witchlings, Claribel A. Ortega officially unveiled the title of book 2 of the series! The book is called Golden Frog Games and is due in 2023.

As noted by Barnes & Noble, the official synopsis is complete.

Seven Salazar is a rare machine.

Soon she becomes the most famous Spare in the Twelve Cities with her two best friends, Valley Pepperhorn and Thorn Laroux.

After being named the town’s Uncle, she’s undergoing intense training to learn how to communicate with animals. But their voices are fading, and she’s not sure why her magic continues to weaken.

As for the Golden Toad Games, one week of magic competition between the champions of the twelve cities, Thorn is at the competition in fashion design competitions.

But as the competition becomes a fierce competitor, suspicion is spreading to Thorn and the other Spares. Who else would sink so low to win?

Can Seven find out who is stonifying the competitors… before Thorn will be next?

Witchlings released earlier this year, which introduced readers to the trio of Seven, Valley and Thorn. In a coven sorting ceremony, the group found themselves placed on a Spare Coven after having watched the other witches in disgust. As far as the group can’t seal their coven, they may end up being able to gain full powers. So Seven invokes the Impossible task in which they can become full witches. But if they fail, they face a terrible effect.

The Golden Frog Games is slated to open on the second of May 2023. It’s available for pre-order. While you wait, pick up a copy of Witchlings here, check your coven house here, and see what our review has to offer.