Whoever has been an Extroverse Attorney, Episode 2/ – saw, Recap and Review: Yangtze River Dolphins Are Still Existing?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo episode 12 brings the case of gender inequality and a relationship that Woo Young-woo didn't know existed. Read on.

The Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a Korean legal series that explores a lawyer with autism. The story follows her journey as she walks into one of the biggest law firms, taking up cases that she says in her own peculiar way. The Korean drama is directed by Yoo In-shik and is written by Moon Ji-won, with Park Eun-bin, Kang Tae-oh, Kang Ki-young, Baek Ji-won and other actors.

The 16 episodes show premiered on June 29, 2022; New episodes release every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30.

The Korean series says Netflix to be Korean:


-Extraordinary attorney is guilty of 12 officiers – Contains the full interview- – Featuring a misleading- -Soul of your hands with the idiots!

It seems like an extraordinary lawyer whose role does not exist, Wooepisode 12 will cause gender enlargingness. Because Mir Life has changed his policy, female employees are supposed to quit their jobs, or their husbands will miss work. People have no choice but to quit, but two workers are not prepared to accept this and file a lawsuit.

The extraordinary Law Office Watch Episode 12 stills.

Han Seon-young tells Jung Myung-seok of Jaime who once was his and his colleagues client. He was the one who attacked his colleague because he was under eight years’ jail time. She tells him to be prudent and that she has already increased the security on the building.

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Later, Jung Myung-seok meets with the manager of Mir Life, who asks them to help. During a meeting, the lawyer agrees that the policy seems biased against women employees, but Jung Myung-seok tells him to find all information about the two employees who refuse to resign.

Specially convicted attorney’s second season begins at the o’clock.

The head of HR then asks him about the opposing lawyer, Ryu Jae-sook, famous for his role in taking women’s rights, labour and so on. The scene moves to the opposing lawyer protesting against Mir Life along with two workers in the court.

The opposing parties discuss the same case with the judge who becomes the same judge at episode six. He asks another question about his heritage, but then makes the mistake of asking Ryu Jae-sook about his father’s generation, which the vile has offences against him. She then tells him she is a senior generation rather than her aunt and she should be her aunt.

Specially appointed attorney in the matter, episode 12 stills.

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Later at home Woo Gwang-ho tries to ask Lee Jun-ho if he doesn’t get his answer, he tells Woo Young-woo that he saw them kissing. He then asks if she’s in a relationship but denies saying they’re still trying to figure out things which infuriates him as he calls for to meet Lee Jun-ho.

And besides, Jung Myung-seok is paranoid, because Jang Jae-jin has not yet been caught by the police. At the trial, Ryu Jae-sook can prove that the company itself is biased against women because the CEO of the company is the one who represents the company and his remarks were offensive.

Jung Myung-seok tries to show that the policy did not force female employees to quit with his witness for a part. However, Ryu Jae-sook has made things to her favour. One of the plaintiffs gives some snacks to Hanbadas attorney when Woo Young-woo notices that his keychain has not been a keychained. She’s seeing the same symbol on a taxi and wants to see it. Now, she’s getting a help from the olympics and helps her see the whole ad.

Jurisprudence of extraordinary law to do in episode 12 stills.

Hwan Min-woo is trying to trick Woo Young-woo with documents that show Hanbadas involvement in the company’s policy. He hopes she would give it to Ryu Jae-sook, but she gave them to Jung Myung-seok and asked him. He told him that lawyers should make this world a better place, but he told her that their work needs to benefit his clients. He also told her they just fight while the decision is just a whim of the judge.

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Later, she protests to take dolphins into the ocean and also asks about the way to free them from being eaten, along with Lee Jun-ho who adds these to the list of dates. She asks her whether or not she should listen to Jung Myung-seok and give her verdict to the judge but only do her best to defend her client. He tells him this isn’t an easy question since working at a big law firm is never easy. He gives her his support no matter what she decides to do.

The second trial will see Woo Young-woo decide to stick with what Jung Myung-seok told her and defends his client, even though she has no right to it. She brings up the infertility issue involving one of the plaintiffs and tells her that the voluntary resignation would have been a better choice, so she could concentrate on the IVF she got. While it’s raged at the people present, this is relevant to the case.

Special Prosecution, the nudget 12 o’clock.

Later, he meets Ryu Jae-sook outside who tells her she should work for clients who really need her help and are right. We look suspicious because this helps to solve our anxiety, yet Hwan Min-woo gets Jung Myung-seok and Choi Soo-yeon to see two of these talks while simultaneously making it look suspicious. Later that evening, Hwan Min-woo sneaks to the office of Woo Young-woos and sends her the documents he given her to Ryu Jae-sook along with his Woo Young-woos card.

A huge legal lawyer in the age of eleven stills.

This book is a full, fully-published book from the old lady, the novel, The Scripted, Pretentious Life of a Xmas.

And the other way, Lee Jun-ho keeps Young-woo from coming home, but sees him joking. She tells her father that she saw the two kissing and wants to meet her but she cannot do that because they’re not dating. Lee Jun-ho tells her that he’s hurt, that he took all that peculiar dates but now told him they are not dating. When she asks why she went along with her, she tells him that it is because she likes her but he is ill now.

Extraordinary attorney Woo Episode 12 stills.

Ryu Jae-sook was defending evidence that the company had planned this year back. Hwan Min-woo thinks that his plan is working, but then she brings out another piece of evidence from an employee of the company. The final verdict is coming and isn’t for Ryu Jae-sook.

The women don’t lose hope, if they do their best. Of course, the head of the HR has no pleasure, because he knows he’ll be fired soon. He’s aware that that’s all planned to make him quit the position.

The Extraordinary Attorney Woo episode 12 is ending up at all.

Ryu Jae-sook invited boys, aged 18 and aged 14 to a sub-trial party, and then decided to give a match to the dolphins of Yangtze. She’s all too hard to find, but Woo Young-woo hope that people like her will never go extinct. Upon reaching that point, Ryu Jae-sook gave the documents to Woo Young-woo saying she sent them.

Special attention, and the circumstances of the sex of Attorney Woo.

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Woo Young-woo is surprised and Ryu Jae-sook tells her to be careful at Hanbada. The two go to the rooftop of the party to share a poem. In Hanbada, Jung Myung-seok is suspicious of people, and attempts to get back to his office. The man turned out to be a worker, but this paranoia was bad for nighing.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 12 stills.

He received an email from Han Seon-young telling him Jang jae-jin was caught. While not alluring to the rest of the world, he coughs profusely and ends up coughing blood. He realises he’s sick and laughs at his situation.

Extraordinary lawyers who can issue the second issue of the article, review 12 by the Extraordinary Attorney.

The matter of equality is something we all want, but this patriarchal society is not easy to change and lawyers who seek justice are very rare. They all seem to go apart like Yangtze’s dolphins, and this is a beautiful connection that was found in today’s episode.

That’s what works out to these lawyers and hardly to him. He’s definitely facing the challenge of having a date with Woo Young-woo but sometimes his patience swindles. I wonder if today was that day because Woo Young-woo thought they weren’t dating. There’s no reason for all in this situation, and both sides (especially Lee Jun-ho) must work out with patience.

But, as I’ll say to her what my girlfriend wants, I am always happy with this taxi. This guy is only learning how to meet the best of our expectations and boys are going to have a really hard time.

This episode has been utterly utter. He wanted to manipulate the innocent Young-woo, is this tactician who wanted to intimidate his innocent people. I really hope someone rescues her from him soon.

Lastly, Jung Myung-seok showed us that being an attorney isn’t less than risking their lives on the line. There are clients who are returning to you for revenge and that could be very scary. Though, I hope that he gets better because I love his character and Kang Ki-young does an extraordinary job with that job.

What do you think of today’s episode?

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