Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper Novella Nick and Charlie Is Headed to the USA with a new cover

Two of the fans of the US Heartstoppers have a good time: Alice Oseman's prose novella Nick and Charlie cross the pond in January 2023 with a brand new cover. Today, due to the release of the Japanese in 2015, Nick and Charlie are not due to announce a release in the United States. However, Oseman and Publishers Weekly announced that it will not go to the UK.

Those fans who love the US Heartstopper are in for a treat: Alice Osemans prose novella Nick and Charlie are going across the pond in January 2023 with a brand new cover.

The book, originally released in the UK in 2015, hasn’t come up, although Oseman and Publishers announced it’ll be a US version, a new edition of the book will be released in the US and even a new cover is made by the author. You can check out the cover above and see all new artwork.

Nick and Charlie followed the pair on his way home to college. Because Charlie is two years younger, the two are facing the impending separation for the first time and need to consider what that will mean for their relationship. The two men take their relationship as a prose and not as a graphic novel/webcomic like Heartstopper. Nick and Charlie give the fans a different perspective.

With the sudden rise of Heartstoppers fans following the premiere of the first season of Netflix, the US and the new cover are well-timed. Especially as fans are looking for all the Nick and Charlie content that they can get. Since their first appearance in Solitaire, the couple has been loved by the fans. The new fans are very happy, and as a result, they begin to experience Nick and Charlie for the first time. With the attractive new cover, many long-time fans are looking for a treat, though.