AMD Ryzen 7000, with aggressive new price strategy?

Earlier this week, information appeared on the internet confirming the launch date of AMD Ryzen 7000, but also when they might arrive at the address stores. It seemed to be a pretty substantial piece of information that only left behind two key questions unanswered. First, what kind of specifications are we looking at?

Earlier this week, the official announcement appeared online, appreciably confirming not only the launch date for AMD Ryzen 7000, but also when we could expect them to land with retailers. It was a pretty substantial information that allowed only two key questions unanswered. First, what kind of specifications are we looking at for the upcoming launch models, and secondly, what kind of price/s can consumers expect to see?

If we were to do that via TechPowerUp, we may have a solution to both of these questions, and let’s assume they are suggesting that AMD is going to adopt an incredibly aggressive strategy.

AMD Ryzen 7000: Specifications and prices.

In terms of the specifications, should you digest these yourself, but on the whole, we certainly look at some impressive figures here and particularly in regards to the Intel Ryzen 9 7950X flagship (a 5.7GHz out of the box boost clock speed clearly warrants more attention).

I don’t doubt the quality of the price. Also, it would appear that even when it comes to Ryzen era, AMD will literally get involved in a 50-$100 price cut on the Ryzen 7000. You may purchase the AMD Ryzen 7600X for about $200. Hell, even the 7700X might be only $300, just a few thousand dollars – a lot of the cost is reasonable!

Insgesamt, full openly concede this cost may be a little too good to actually be true. If the test is successful, this will clearly represent a new, hex-sensitive pricing strategy developed by AMD that would put significant pressure on the Intels Raptor Lake series which will likely release in just a couple of days.

What do you think?