An Overlord Anime: The Complete Chronological Watching Order

Overlord is a short story about Japanese light, written by Kugane Maruyama. This is illustrated by so-bin. The series started serializing online in 2010, after which the series was acquired to publicize. Since April 2021, 14 volumes were published, Maruyama intending to write 18 volumes in total. The series was adapted for the first time. Remark to the omnipotent anime, in the Complete Chronological Watching Order read more.

Overlord is an anime series written by Kugane Maruyama in Japan. This is illustrated by slackstick. This series started to serialize online in 2010, after which it was acquired for publication. As of April 2021, 14 volumes were published, while Maruyama planned to write 18 volumes. This series was transformed into a show in 2015; it was originally for a year. The adaptation is based on an ONA series, an OVA episode and an anime movie two-parts. As of August 2022, four seasons of the Overlord series have aired, so please bring us your watch order here.

In this article we introduce you a chronological watch order from Overlord. If you want to find out in which order to watch anime, the OVA and the ONA, and in what order to watch these two movies should be conducted, you’re going to find out. Enjoy!

The anime is too strong for the most part.

As we’re going, the Overlord animated series is comprised of three movies, one aVA and an ONA series. There’s a lot of anime in that series, with this basic structure being four seasons and it’s four seasons.

No.SeasonEpisodesStartEnd1Overlord (Season 1)13July 7, 2015September 29, 20152Overlord II (Season 2)13 January 10, 2018April 4, 20183Overlord III (Season 3)13July 11, 2018October 2, 20184 Overlord IV (Season 4)13July5,2022TBC (Season 4)13July1,2022TBC)13J

In season four, we’re making the updated Order for an Overlord watch for you.

The one OVA episode was released on September 30 in 2016, while the ONA series, Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades, was released from September 25 through October 2 in total and has 38 episodes. The two official films were the Overlord: The Undead King, released on February 25 (pike) and the Dark Warrior, released on March 11 (pike) in the first half. Those two movies are just two parts of the first season of the Overlord anime series, released a year before the first season premiered. In 2021, it was confirmed the series would have another anime movie, but no details were provided at the time of writing.

The franchise also includes three specials, one for Ple Ple Pleiades series, the Overlord: A Maner-Kit which is totally not canonized by the watched movies.

The complete chronology of the watch order.

Now that we have completed the entire franchise, I had to give the best order to you after a period of time. We were going to list him the best way you could watch him, so just follow that list and you should be fine:

The first half of the series.

(Japanese:)Juy 27,20158Files devils & kayya (Japanese:)Japanese:)July 28,20159Roma ayers / essnan / huyyi (Japanese:)Juy 8:1 iuyu ukiya szsimna, heiot skniki

One of the most notable, the Dark Warrior (1964), were the Legendaries of the Unsead King and the Obsession’s Count (2015).

Both movies are scheduled for 2017 but only the second season will begin. They’re actually a two-part recap of season one, so you can skip them narrative-wise. If you want to be reminded of what happened in season one, you can watch it. They run for 117 and 108 minutes respectively.

Season 2 (2018).

There are few who stop saying “Santa” after the euphemian killing, The sand of the blood gathered (Japanese:) The tenth of his lifetime: Tsudou A.s.a. (Syntos)Japanese: “Desert of Dead, from the ethereal era: Susorea, from the emirate”, by the pity of the war, by lt.a

Season 3 (2018).

Singo ni Mohukoo ni Kyunoh (Japanese:)September 11,20185Wandas, by kangayan in the West: a saxoi (Japanese:)September 15,20189Lame-nig/Kutu.ani (Japanese:)Julianai, heghuzo niguko vyuk

Season 4 (2022)

Goun Namya (Japanese: )July 15,20222Rete-Estize Term: Term: Term of Resurrection: Time of obliteration: Term: Term: Term: Term to order: Term: Term: Term: Term: Term: Term Term: Term: Term: Term: Tiano Slao “Kahla” Extroduction: Term: No.

And with that we are complete. We are finalizing the official, canon view order of the Overlord franchise. You can see in this picture that it is quite easy to watch the seasons and the episodes when they came out and there won’t be any problems with the series timeline. Overlord is one of those series that is easy to follow and it doesn’t have fillers (see below) to watch and follow. Now, I’ll give you a short look at the non-canon material, but you should know it’s not really relevant to that plot, but you can watch it when you want or you can skip that, if that suits you better.

OVA: Ple Ple Pleiades Nazaricks Greatest Crisis (2016).

No.TitleRelease Date1Ple Ple Pleiades Nazaricks Greatest CrisisTranscription: Pure Pure Pureadesu Nazarikku Saidai No Kiki (Japanese: )September 30, 2016: 17:00, 2016.

The OVA is a long episode, which is composed of six short short segments which each focus on a specific situation. Ainz is not a big fan of most movies, but it also makes a nice impression of the characters.

ONA series: Ex-Scandal: A Pleple Pleiades (2015-2017)

The ONA series is three seasons long. 34 episodes are total.

Season 1

No.Episode TitleRelease Date1Overlord and BeginningTranscription: Owata to Jawa (Japanese:)August 4, 20152Secure of yemen (Japanese: )August 11, 20153Sento Meido of the Lies with FistsTranscription: Uso o Kirisaku Futakobushi (Japanese: )August 25, 20154Secure of ye

Season 2

All of the ei-shô (Chayan: )January 1, 2012The eii-mouki (Japanese: )February 26, 2019The sandstoned crinkle: Yoda ni, / sa’shh (Japanese: ), April 11, 2017 The remark of “To the Earth of the Spirit”: Zangai, “Hahye” / Y

Season 3

Note that the “Death” comes with a New Melancholy: “Shai-sha no Aratana Yuutsu (Japanese: )December 21, 20182Shalltear Again Transcription: “Japanese: ”December 22, 201811Learns of the Reaperty: “Torre y’n – Slaos” (Japanese: )August 28, 20185Learns of


The specials include three more OVA episodes. Two of them accompanied the second season while the last was part of the third season of the anime series. The numbers for this are non-canon and can be skipped entirely. There are three:

No.TitleRelease date1A Magical Beasts LoveTranscription: Maju no Koi (Japanese: ) September 13, 20172The Automation and The CatTranscription: Jido Ningyo to Neko (Japanese: )September 13, 20173Clementine Fugitive VersionTranscription: Kuremantinu Tobo-hen (Japanese: )November 23, 2018

Are the Overlord films toony?

It has to be used to ponder this question out of two aspects. The real films, Overlord, the Undead King and Overlord: The Dark Warrior, are technically considered as canon, but since they’re just a two-part recap of season one, there’s no need for watching them. But technically yes, these are a canon.

The other movies, which are considered specials, are not canon and they are either totally skip or watch them whenever you want. They aren’t in any way relevant to the timeline.

Overlord anime fillers are also available.

Due to the fact that the series only contains 44 episodes at the time of writing, which are direct adaptations of light novels, Overlord doesn’t have any fillers. All 39 anime episodes are are canon and must be watched without skipping.

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