annex 1800: take off with the lone chopper in the world DLC

ANNO 1800 Aug 05, 2022 at midnight, will give you many more opportunities to expand your trade routes with Air Kingdom DLC. You can find out what's new here. Anno 1800 DLC will soon bring you a helicopter. (Source: Ubisoft) The release of the Realm of the Air DLC getting [] into the air.

ANNO 1800

At noon on Aug.05 2022, there are 12:49.

Anno 1800 will offer you even further opportunities to expand your trade routes with the Air Kingdom DLC. We can find out what’s in new stuff.

Ano 1800 DLC is soon going to bring you airships. (Source: Ubisoft)

  • The release of the realm of the AirdLC continues to be more intense.
  • Ubisoft is expected to show specifics in a live stream.
  • The next cosmetic product has been updated.

The expansion of the new Rmls in the air is getting closer. Until you can expand the trade routes on the practical airships, Ubisoft will provide you with the first ideas and news.

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The developers did not only track 2 airships flying over the sea like happy dolphins in anticipation on Twitter, but also announced live stream. This must open August 9 at five o’clock.

The condition of the skin is on hold now.

In addition, the new cosmetics version has been updated. The studio’s design department shared an image and the contents of the Old Town Pack, which was in actual use. You can see some maps of city walls that could give city a medieval flair.

Those Old Town Packs for the Ano 1800 could look like that. (Source: Ubisoft)

If you’re new to Anno, here are a few tips that will get you started. To work more efficiently, you should keep up your production times with minimum effort. And did you know you could go out with a single person?

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