Are you missing or found? Are you dead or living?

The mother of Keeshae Jacob's, Toni, didn't hear from her daughter after a night out, so she was worried. Thankfully her worst nightmare turned into a reality when Keeshae disappeared. In the podcast episode of NBC News Missing in America, we focus on what happened to Keeshae and the alleged case that the authorities acted upon the investigation.

The mother of Keeshae Jacob’s, Toni, didn’t hear from his daughter after a night out, so she was worried. After Keeshae disappeared, his worst nightmare quickly became reality. The third episode of NBC News Missing in America’s podcast is focused on what has happened to Keeshae and the investigation of the authorities in the aftermath. We have covered you, if you want to know more, we can help you.

What happened to Keeshae Jacobs?

Keeshae was born in Richmond, Virginia. Toni has served in the Army, and raised Keeshae, along with Deavon. The girl was described as sweet and caring at 21 years old. He’s a close friend of his mother’s and protective of his brother. Keeshae was the go-to-die person and loved Toni. Everything that changed has always been changed, however, on Monday 26 September 2016.

Image Credit: NBC News / Tom Jacobs.

That evening, Keeshae planned on going out with friends. Toni received a message telling her that the young woman was at her destination. Keeshae should be back home in the next morning, but that has never happened. Toni had worried about Tonis when her calls got sounded plainly. Keeshae looks like vanisher. His loved ones only had questions.

Does Keeshae Josephs still survive or are they still dead?

Toni knew something was out of place because Keeshae didn’t usually remain in contact. If her phone wasn’t working, don’t decode Toni on Facebook or use someone else’s phone. His friends didn’t hear anything from him initially. Then, sister Tonis convinced her to leave Keeshae alone. The police officer that she spoke didn’t take her seriously at the station. When he became acquainted with the officer, he contacted him on the day after the incident.

Image Credit: NBC News/Toni Jacobs.

Keeshae left on September 26 with her girl and her boy best friend. Later, Toni learned that the guy dropped off the two other people and took it away. Toni visited that house in Church Hill. Toni met Otis, who she thought was in her 30s. His story arose in the end. Otis claimed that he’d seen Keeshae around 5 o’clock. He was home but at that time. Finally, Otis changed his story.

Toni immediately called the police, but they determined that Keeshae was missing after a walkthrough. Later they suspected foul play in Keeshaes disappearance, because she had found a blood in her apartment wearing clothing. Toni heard that a woman accused Otis, also of abuse. My mother said that, She basically told me she beat her and refused to let her leave, then did s**ual things to her. Good, he beat her bad.

Toni believed that a friend of Keeshaes knew more than she said. She learned from her girl friend that Otis loved her romantically. No arrests were made and no suspects have been named in this case. The authorities maintain the investigation remains ongoing and they hope to receive more information from the public. They arrested people in connection with the abduction, beating and murdering another woman in custody on October 20, 21.

In the years following Keeshaes disappearance, Toni criticised the authorities for its response. She said she didn’t hear from the police until days after she reported her daughter missing. Toni pleaded with the FBI for help, but claimed that she did not get anywhere with them. A few months after Keeshae went missing, she lost her son to gunshot wounds. Toni believes her daughter is still alive, and continues to go to the right place to look for her. She believes that Keeshae could have been trafficked.

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