ASRock officially launched its custom Intel Arc A380 (in China) in China

In the past, although the Intel Arc A380 has been available to purchase in China for almost one month, the only alternative that consumers have had is a third-party custom design from GUNNIR. As of last month, however, there appeared online information suggesting that ASRock was set to become the second-largest manufacturer of custom-made A380 graphics cards.

Since the incensible A380 has sold in China for a few months, only one option consumers have had is a custom design from GUNNIR. Then, a few hours ago, some information was published online suggesting that ASRock was set to become the second manufacturer of custom A380 graphics cards.

Would this really happen? After the report via TechPowerUp, the answer is yes, as ASRock officially confirmed the release of its custom Arc A380 GPU. The only downside is that, like the formerly exclusive model from GUNNIR, this is currently a China-only release.

ASRock’s Intel Arc A380 Challenger ITX 6GB OC.

In terms of specifications and key features, there does no distinction between the A380 and the GUNNIR A380, which seems to suggest that custom models can end with aesthetics centered around a broader, purely similar reference design.

In fact, the only significant difference we see here is that this new ASRock release looks like a little thinner in comparison to its newer release. The compact design of the Intel Arc A380, possibly the key to this hugely attractive GPU, will make it possible to achieve success. For modern computers, there are quite few GPUs that can be upgraded into a single-slot port. As such, people looking for SFF gaming builds, the Intel Arc A380 might well be a most popular choice.

And the entire time, I think all were waiting the same thing. It is therefore decided that these graphics cards finally escape China and actually get worldwide release. What time will it go if that happened? For now, Intel seems to want to keep us guessing.

You can see the official ASRock China Arc A380 website here, for the moment.

What do you think, though? Do you like this custom style from ASRock?