Blizzard can only redeem an mobile game for a month

Blizzard is presently retaliating on the fact that, against all apparent sanity, Diablo Immortal mobile game proves very successful. Yes, since this title may technically be free-to-play, there have already been some reports suggesting that it has generated over $100 million in the first six weeks of the [[] study. Nevertheless, information presumably shows that it has already generated over 54,000 dollars of income in the first six months of the [[]].

While Gone is in a rush, the Diablo Immortal mobile game is a huge money-winning game. Yes, as it might be called a free-to-play title, then the information has already appeared to suggest that it’s generated over $100 billion of revenue within its first 4-6 weeks on the market!

Since Blizzard confirming the upcoming release of a World of Warcraft mobile game earlier this year, you would have thought that Diablo Immortal would have only acted as a huge encouragement to get it finished, right? According to a report from Bloomberg, sources claim that Blizzard has officially cancelled the World of Warcraft mobile game even if it was already in development for more than 3 years.

Blizzard Cancel the World of Warcraft Mobile Game!

According to the report, World of Warcraft mobile game was designed by NetEase, who also played a very significant role in Diablo immortal. To the extent that the entire workforce is apparently disbanded for this title, it seems to be all that happens to the days after an official confirmation of Blizzard’s existence, World of Warcraft had officially been cancelled.

That’s too little, he added. Some believe this may be due to the fact that Diablo Immortal would be a much greater success than originally thought (and especially after its disastrous BlizzCon 2018 unveiling). As such, Blizzard wouldn’t want to muddy the water with another mobile release in the same year. And yes, this mobile game was supposed to be coming out before 2022.

What are you saying yet? Are you disappointed by these news? Do you think the cancellation is due to the Diablo Immortals surprise success?