Dark action-Adventure Hunt the Night gets updated. Based on Player Feedback the Player’s Updated Demo

Dangen Entertainment announced the release of the Steam demo, Hunt the Night, which was built for the Moonlight Games, will receive an update at BitSummit in 2022.

The demo will use a new system to improve user feedback. The publisher has not released anything about this as yet.

Hunt the Night is a skill-based action game where players play as Vesper, a member of the Stalkers who must explore Medhram’s world. This place isn’t intended for the light of heart, as long as there are many nightmares in the city.

Once a game is complete, players will fight enemies using sword combos and dark powers. Players can switch between ranged and melee attacks while they fight against mobs and bosses. The bosses have each the ability to learn a strategy, whose weak points and attack rules the players will have to learn.

There is a weapon customization ability to build your own tool which adapts to your preferent games and the personalities of those with whom you choose. Customize the upgrades of your arsenal and use the equipment that suits your gameplay best: critical damage, life damage, pranks, close combat, firepower and many more. Add Singurane vials, Crow Feathers, Moonstones and Noctilium to win over you and prepare yourself for the Night.

Hunt the Night is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam at an unannounced date.