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It's a terrible thing for a mother to lose a child. When her daughter Angie was raped, murdered and murdered in her flat, carers suffered that loss. The authorities in Idaho Falls were shocked by the murder and tried to find the perpetrator. The ABCs 20/20, Stranger than the Novel: The Murder of Angie.

Children are terrible times for mothers. Carol Dodge lost her leg when her daughter was raped, murdered and murdered in her apartment. It was shocker of the brutal murder that occurred in Idaho Falls and tried to find the culprit. In this documentary ABC 2/20 Stranger than Fiction: The Murder of Angie Dodge, the story is an epic story of a horrible incident and shows how Carols contributed to the police that helped the perpetrator become accountable. If you’re interested in this case, we will have everything you need to find Carol Dodge.

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Carol lived a quiet life with her children Annie and Brent. Annie and Carols’ 18-year-old daughter were just graduating. Carol was very proud of Annie. Carol didn’t like Annie living in her own house. Carol was worried about her daughters’ safety and was reluctant to let him out of the world. Carol gave her pleas again and allowed Annie to go. The new apartment for Annie was filled with tragedy, which she didn’t know about.

Annie Dodge was groggy and then slain in her home on June 13th, 1996. The victim was partially covered in blood and wearing torn shirt, as well as a pair of sweatshirts – when the authorities arrived on the scene of the crime. Moreover, a number of stab wounds were discovered throughout the victims’ bodies and the killer cut her throat. The victim died after a stab wound. It also confirmed that Annie was raped prior to her murder.

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The news of Annie’s death left Carol shaken, but she refused and began to investigate the death by herself. It showed how famous Carol was to call the police and sometimes come in unannounced to the station for information about new developments. She was disappointed that it took her so long to find a suspect under the microscope. Surprisingly, the police soon began to suspect that one of the Angies acquaintances named Christopher Tapp, and took him to the station for examinations and polygraph test. Tapp did not keep his innocence, but was eventually found guilty of the murder and rape of Angie Dodge.

Carol initially believed that Tapp was the killer, but she realized that Tapp wasn’t the only one responsible, as a DNA data from the scene didn’t match her conviction. However, the fact that she saw an interrogation tape with Christopher Tapps, she decided to gain a sense of innocence. After the case was reopened after Tapp was cleared of rape. Carol convinced the authorities to stop investigating the case. They finally found Brian Leigh Dripps Sr. using a number of DNA testing methods. It wasn’t surprising that Brians DNA matches the original in the crime scene. While he pleaded guilty to the rape and revealed that he didn’t have a clue for the fact that he was in the wrong place, the police were able to convict him of the crime. Tapp was later acquitted.

Carol Dodge lives with her son Brent in Idaho. Carol has created 5 that helps Hope solve a cold like that of her daughter. Carol said that she finds peace while supporting other victims’ families. It seems that she’s working hard to beat the demons from her past and build a better future.

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