Far Cry 6 runs on both PC & PlayStation this weekend!

I will admit that Im more casual with Far Cry. I often prefer to wait for a sale before checking out the games. Since he has nothing against him, he does tend to fall in the realm of what I would call a fringe gaming interest, rather than an outright must-buy.

Ill concede that I’m more of a casual fan of the Far Cry series, with the fact that I often prefer to take the risk of a sale before entering the game. Since I don’t have anything against them, they tend to be more armed with a fringe gamble than for a must-buy. If you are in the same boat as me, but you wanna check Far Cry 6 out, there is lots of fantastic news for you.

Yes, in a free weekend promotion, you can try Far Cry 6 now, and, better yet, it’s available to PC, PS4 and PS5 gamers!

Far Cry 6 free weekend on PC or PlayStation!

The discount for weekend promotion is officially open now and runs till August 7th. Therefore, you clearly have plenty of time to check Far Cry 6, so that you decide on whether to pick up the full version of the book or not.

Hey, who knows if youre really committed? You could really beat the game before the trial begins, resulting in a huge win-win situation.

Where can I learn more?

Id recommend to check out the official announcement about how to claim your trial copy from Ubisoft (click here).

For users of PCs, it’s necessary to install the Epic Games Launcher in your system. According to you, looking at Far Cry 6 and clicking to visit the official product website. Don’t you see a free link? Don’t worry, just scroll down to see the free trial (as seen above). From here, add to cart, pay for copy and get downloaded!

It’s a free game for the weekend; but while you aren’t free of charge, it’s a must for that. Free is free, and finally I can see what the fuss surrounding Far Cry 6 really is!

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