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Hello folks, and welcome back to Wrong every day. Today I thought we'd come back to Hugtto! It won't be worth it for them - the mistake I'll try to make this the best way to replace them with the cheapest. Boo to get autocorrected, but hurray in Precure, which can never fail to win a tear and smile. Our [silver] is.

Hey folks. Welcome back to Wrong Everytime. Today I thought I was going to stop with Hugtto! Precure, which I use my autocorrect to make sure that the time takes me to type it. Boo to autocorrect, but make for Precure, which isn’t just not a mistake to laugh and tear. As the episode went in for the last time, Hana began to confront the woman who led to her transformation prior to the series. Hanas defense of Eri back in middle school forced her to leave, and she remodeled herself as a new and hard-pressed teacher at high school. But when Hana approached the girl who forced that change, she reverted to her old fears, worrying that she was free to Eri with her courage.

The Hana, a few years from ours, is a far cry from the Hana of middle school, and perhaps even more important, she has now a support group of friends that’s able to keep her warm. As Hana always demonstrated her energy in being cheered on by a friend, she was strengthened with their own words, and invigorated to a point where she rekindled her friendship with Eri. As it turns out, feelings we hold anxiously on to others often are only manifested by our own fears; Eri and Hana both really wanted to reconnect and needed a little encouragement to get there.

Until now, the forces of Criasu Corp cannibalize themselves faster than ever. That is a great thing, that when your organization is designed to make you a zero-sum corporate bloodbath, it’s kind of hard to maintain a willing workforce. With our heroes on the journey, and our Criasu on the tail, lets see what new schemes our villains concoct in a fresh episode of Precure!

Episode 32

We open a banner celebrating Homares third straight figure skating victory. We’ll even stop winning.

His friends praise accompanies a pan with several stills from her performance. They picked Homare one hell of a slow-moving-unfriendly passion for their children. Consequently, it would be no surprise that they did not use a large handful of stills.

Hana pushed a megaphone for a mock interview. Homare, for the first time, is embarrassed before answering an entire series of serious and thoughtful questions. That’s good, as he thinks Homare likes to take a mock interview seriously.

Is Homare falling for Harry? Her interview responses were interrupted by shots directed towards Harry, indicating the subtle intangibility of my ambitions to him. And now she’s getting all flustered when he gives her a desert.

And with that on mind, we’re checking in with Harrys friend Bishin who is wondering why Harry won’t return to them. I was hoping we’d see them again soon, so we were probably in a referendum on Harry’s relationship with the Precures.

Just curious about the moral theory of the relationship between a high school student and a hamster. But they’ve already begun to become a group co-parent, so I suppose they have my blessing.

Dr. Traum developed a visor that converts a person’s deepest thoughts into a virtual world. This episode will be so much fun.

Is That Magic? Homare is a girl’s princess. What’s even happening in this episode?

I want to add one buck before the next meet! Upon getting very good, I knew that Homare was good, but I didn’t know she was good at landing two different types of quads. She says she isn’t ready for international competition but apparently only her humility speaks for a moment.

So shell is performing a skating routine, using a Little Mermaid theme, a classic combination. So what about the relationship between Harry and Homares and how it’s going to be that of the mermaid and prince?

In a moment, a prince’s face turned into Harry. So yes, we’re actually doing that.

This is quite a moment. Bishin seems with an Oshimaeda inside, and displaces Hugttos common episodic structure, with a clean approach to its own. I suppose that episode i.e. will be able to the highest extent that, without taking a look into the world, these are the animals who’ll take a hive of experience and I also appreciate that given that Bishins had a closer relationship with a member of our cast, offered them a full episodes worth of interaction with the team rather than the usual bourbon fighting.

The Oshimaeda divides into sparkling pink cubes, then fly at Harry. Here there is some quality hamster action he uses to avoid projectiles.

Homare rushing to the aid of the pudgy little hamster really wants to highlight the reality of what they’re doing here.

They become trapped together as they reassemble the Oshimaeda.

When Homare wakes up, she’s actually transformed her into a mermaid princess.

This world was full of intriguing new backgrounds, yet were sadly distorted by the blur effect used to create a water distortion.

Now that you get to know, Prince Harry tumbles beneath the waves.

In this dream sequence the color palette has changed, it seems to be echoing Homares signatures, with more emphasis on yellows, in the background, and the blues of the sea converge, all right in the opposite direction.

Harry doesn’t seem to recognise Homare.

That establishing shot of Harrys castle. A rich and vibrant blend of rich, watercolor-inspired backgrounds has always been a show at the end. But this sequence is anything else entirely, offering the brilliant bridging benefits of children’s book illustrations to serve up boring and richly colored new worlds. No matter what his background is, I love the generalisation – but since the towns of the central castle are surrounded by elegant villages – and a lack of architectural development like the tiny cliffside tower which opens up a space for exploration into this world. – The spectator are able to visit this world with the view of the cave to explore the architecture of the large kingdom. – the small and nitty gritty urban landscapes are a source of inspiration for the viewer.

Homares undersea home is so detail-friendly and inviting. The background artists really did not disappoint this episode.

Homares’ friends wrongly razz her for her crush on Harry. An Embarrassed Homare is very good content.

He turned into a human, and the two men discovered him right now, as soon as Bishin arrives. I don’t want my former friend to spy on my romantic fantasies.

The painting of Harrys castle features something that seems to be singing upon Magrittes The Son of Man, but why I couldn’t understand much about that?

Harry tries to fit Homare into a variety of dresses, before acknowledging the obvious and admitting that yellow is actually her color.

Oh my god! The Oshimaeda fire if it’s a weapon to keep away the rest of the precures, but he seems to be locked in the future, with all the precures on his own merits. Precures art team have just decided to go off this episode, haven’t they?

The ballroom continues the global realm of Homare theming, that is with a yellow accent and stars around the ceiling.

As they dance, Homare remembers all the special moments they shared in the past. They actually gotten closer than anyone else except Lulu and Emiru, and both possess a maturity and self-assurance that their companions lack. They were who had to be strong for their friends and hence have naturally gotten to rely on each other as they were only the only two who carried that burden.

A wild shoujo sparkles and roses in the dark, while Homare is closer to Harry. Fairy tales aren’t the only tradition that was drawn from here.

You know how to tell The Little Mermaid ended up, right? That Hans Christian andersen ending is really intense than the Disney version, with the mermaid dissolving into sea foam and being reborn as air spirit. It’s not exactly the conclusion that Homare was able to see for himself.

He was so very special in the role of his princes, he forgot everything about you. Jeez, this’s brutal. Because Homare and Harry have mature characteristics to play with the rest of the cast, we will enjoy a romantic drama here, rather than more in the adolescence-focused conflict.

And Homare is dragged into the ocean by her despair, with her mermaid handlers pushing her to leave her feelings, while her body disintegrates. That episode infuriated a bunch of nightmares when it was first told.

Homare, deep underwater, is saved by Hana’s signature weapon, he says he’s telling him that he was afraid of it as she could.

His legs will stick with the ice skating and he’ll be able to catch the dance. Goddamn is a generous episode!

In the end, Harrys heart isn’t the same as another, and Homare accepts her feelings will remain unrequited.

And Done

Aw boy, so does this mean that Harry has other lady love from his homeland? And the only way I had been to do this absurd Harry/Homare romance is when you ran out! Well it at least seems that Homare’s rejecting her with better grace than I am, and not letting it dampen her drive for figure skating glory. Plus, dear lord what an amazing episode this had almost every aesthetic front, with a staggering array of storybooks, fun new costumes for almost everybody, and even a very vivid fight choreography at the end of this. Sometime I dislike that characters falling in love, but before I give up a hamster/heroine romance, as the sandbags were a sluttering wolf in which I figured out what it was to be more like that as a sculptural splendor. Looks good.

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