GTA II might feature Latin women

Artwork of the GTA V GTA VI would give the protagonist 180 turn sounds incredible, but started to think about how long it takes GTA V in the market to fall on its back, since the acclaimed title of a rock star, who is already among the best sales in history, was first released in [] []

The art of the GTA V commenced.

GTA VI would turn its protagonist around 180 degrees.

Just yet, the fans were so excited. But as a result the fans like the sixth installment, GTA continues to take a big leap.

This way we have been listening for a while to the fact that it exists that the GTA VI is already developed by rock star, yet not offering any official news about it. And now that rumors and leaks come in to us are something like Tom Hendersons, which made the majority agree that GTA VI will be played by a woman.

Just under the same premise that recently Bloombergthe famous medium, who Jason Schreierone of the most famous video game journalists in the industry spoke with this same author, saying that GTA VI will have a Latin woman as the protagonist.

GTA VI is in development since 2014, when it was developed.

As in the words of howler, GTA VI would be a long development dating back to 2014, but for its launch, it would take two years. Amid this medium, GTA VI will take place in Miami with Northern America and South America. In the same way, the duality would be with characters.

You can’t blame Bloomberg, because there will be two protagonists. They’re becoming one of these women and ending with an unpopular relationship like Bonnie and Clyde.

It’s not clear that this information is officially confirmed and you must pick it up with a tweezer. If we study the precedents of Jason Schreiers, we can assume that we may see this woman playing on the VI GTA. Time will tell.