Here is what Apple can do about it

The company acquired a major acquisition in June. We knew this evening that Amazon bought iRobot, the company behind the popular Roomba. That operation cost 1,700 million dollars, which is said soon, and confirms that Amazon wants to be in every corner of our house. In 2018, Amazon had already defined this strategy by [] adding that.

Major acquisition of a multinational in mid-August. After a few hours, we know that Amazon bought iRobot, the company behind Roomba. The operation cost $37 million, what is expected soon. Amazon wants to be in the corner of our house.

In 2018, Amazon had already defined this strategy by purchasing Ring, a smart doorbell company. To these doorbells are added Fire TV, the Echo, the future Astro and now the Roomba all this with an Alexa that can control this entire network of devices.

This is the contrary to Apples’s policy to allow third-party manufacturers to create HomeKit-controlled accessories. This home automation platform is provided by the company but not with its own light bulbs, sockets and switches. There are rumors that might change. But now it hasn’t been said about it.

One of the benefits we will receive is the Matter standard, which will integrate the Roomba with the Casa app.

There is nothing to think about. This standard of home automation will be integrated into HomeKit, with which our Apple devices will benefit from many more option options for home automation. So, the Amazon is also following Matters, so this purchase could mean that Roomba can be controlled with the same standard and thus with the Home app.

If we think that Apple is a competitor in this movement, then it is right that Apple should take advantage of its accessories division and establish its own. Apple can create a couple of things for its house. If they see her profitable in Cupertino, we may even have some smart fansand if not, tell Dyson.

Currently, although Apple doesn’t have all of its own products (at least for now) we can expect further integration of iRobot products on our iPhones, iPads and Macs.

Photo | Toys Binay | Onour Binay.