How can you control your smart devices using Android TV?

If you have lots of smart devices in your house, you would probably like to control them from anywhere, if they were not just TV? It's possible to manage smart devices like lights and speakers of a TV with Android TV in two ways. We explain how to turn off your smart lights.

If you have a lot of smart devices in your house, you’ll probably want to control them from anywhere, even from the TV. Android is able to manage your smart devices like lights and speakers in two ways with the clock.

Learn how to turn the lights on and off, activate the robot vacuum cleaner or stop music playback on Google Home from a TV with an Android TV, Using two different methods, to get some better with its benefits and disadvantages.

How simple it is, by voice.

The easiest way to turn a smart bulb off the TV is to use Google Assistant, as long as your TV or the remote have a built-in microphone. You essentially need to ask them the same way as the Google Assistant on mobile, so that you can speak the phone number with a name and what you want to do.

The assistant sometimes can’t be a bit nervous and don’t understand us good, but in this situation, to turn on the light in the living room or to turn on the vacuum cleaner. It can be a problem even when we are in a noisy environment. The good part is that you can’t mess anything with television.

The easiest way is using the Google Home app.

The easiest way is to use the same home automation app that we use on mobile, Google Home. Google Home doesn’t open for televisions, but application adapts nicely to large format of televisions and works well. As with all the time, the biggest challenge is getting him to the TV.

There are many methods to install Android TV apps that can be downloaded without a PC. You should download the Google Home APK and transfer them to the TV using an app like Send a Video to TV (or download it directly to the TV with a web browser that allows it). The app’s working fine and the latest versions support Android 8.0, respectively.

After installing the app, you all need to do is make sure you’re using the same Google account as your mobile. The devices are configured in the app. The setup wizard itself is pretty simple. You must only press Next a few times.

You will see that on TV, the same Google Home control panel you have on your mobile, with all the buttons to activate that and that. The app allows you to navigate with the remote, but with this difficulty it’s difficult to select the active buttons that are difficult to work on. This could complicate it even if it are done right.

You will never have to have a pointer remote with which you can press buttons at your disposal or by using a USB cable to connect a mouse to your TV. If you don’t meet any of these conditions, you can still use your imagination to guess which button is now on this list.

Another problem with installing the Google Home app is that it won’t be on the list because its not officially prepared for Android TV. You can use Google’s launcher or simply open the apps section of Settings, Go to the Google homepage and then open it from there.