How do you recall the story?

Carter is a new South Korean action film that's coming on Netflix to beat the thirst of all the lovers of the genre. Despite the fact that this two-hour thriller might be too good, please. The film is composed of long-winded action sequences that don't know where to play, and the editing is done right. Taking a vacation with a meal! I'll be sharing your thoughts and ideas here. Read More

Carter is a new South Korean action film – and comes to Netflix for the sake of every single fan of this genre. I’m thinking about this two-hour action film. This film is composed of long-winded action sequences that don’t know where to end, and the editing that attempts to sort out the shots together like a single continuous shot is very bad. The illusion of a single shot is not oblivious but with the film constantly trying to do it.

This video tells the story of a secret man awakens without memory. The agent, named Carter, quickly finds out that he’s in the middle of a very important mission. There’s a virus that brings people into dangerous beasts. The impossible environment would give Carter a cure.

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Carter is usually an action movie, but there’s still a lot of important revelations. The films are spoilt in the following paragraphs. Read as much as you do.

What is “The Secret of The Humans”, Carters mission?

The movie starts immediately with the explanation of the virus. This is a section of the plot that is both significant and at the same time just an afterthought. There’s no real way to show how the virus appeared in the movie, but as if the different organizations planned to go against it. Everything is explained extremely vaguely. The virus is very infectious and it seems that it becomes quite aggressive when the infected. They lose their hair and die thirteen days after they got infected.

Carter wakes up and grabs a gun from a group of soldiers searching for a doctor. This specialist doctor seems to be able to cure the virus. But Carter’s alone in the room. Carter fights his way out and starts talking to a woman he hears. He has something inserted into his head that made him lose his memories and he’s the only one who can hear the woman. He meets a couple of North Korean agents who explain to him who he is.

Since the spy was found in Korea, Carter is actually a CIA agent. He is seen as a hero by Korean forces. In the moment, Koreas are working on a cure because of this virus. North Korea has millions of infected people, but they have the necessary equipment to produce a vaccine for at least 100 million people. The doctor and his daughter, who has the antibodies necessary in their blood to create the cure, will have to return to North Korea.

Of course it’s not that simple. The US is also in the mix, and after Carter rescues Ha-na, the doctors daughter, he’s captured by the US forces. They realize that Carter is the legendary agent who left for North Korea to spy on him. The USA denies a disease. Carter, along with Ha-na, manages to escape. Carter must get Ha-na to South Korea fast because his daughter is infected.

Why does Carter have no memory at the start of the film?

To mark the finish of the North Korean border, Carter’s receives from Kim Jeon-Hyeok, a senior official of the North Korean government. He executed a coup detat on the government, and now he is the country’s president. Carter finally connects with his wife, and Carter returns to his father. The doctor starts with the invention of a vaccine. However Hyeok drank them. There’s a fight at the end of the film. He can also save his daughter through an injection of the medical supplies.

As soon as a time, it emerged that Jimmy went to North Korea as a spy, but fell in love with his wife, and his daughter is there. It started off in north Korea when it was planned to get out of the country. Hyeok intercepted them, though. Carter promises to bring Ha-na and the cure back to North Korea, but Hyeok needs to leave his family alone. Carter suggests he use a method to delete his memories so that he can’t tell North Korean secrets if captured.

That was the reason that Carter didn’t have his memory at the beginning of the film. The doctor has applied a procedure that brings back memories from Carter and recognizes his wife and daughter. During the film most, it seems that South Korea was the one who released the virus on North Korea to destroy the nation and end the war. Toutefois, it seems that it was the United States that spread the virus and spread it in the region for their own benefit.

The movie ends with Carters family finally getting together and the cure has developed. However, the situation in the area is not unusual.