In the next season, Destiny 2 will add a new Crucible mode

At the end of the conference last week (for a single week at Bungie) we found some news about Destiny 2, next season, even though that isn't exactly what we expected, since name and content all subtly depend on the 23rd day. All the information regarding that, but also the next big expansion: []

At the end of each week, we found some news about the next season of Destiny 2, although that is not exactly what we expected, since the name and content are totally subject to the presentation on the 23rd. When Bungie releases all the information about this, but also the next big expansion: Destiny 2: Lightfall.

Despite having done so, he spent a piece of the Crucible, the PvP mode that remains a staple of the game and often the central of community discussion, both because of balance or because of the lack of new maps or changes. And even if it’s not coming out in 2014, we’ll learn from that new mode: ERuption. What’s it all about? So, basically, via a killstreak, our entire team super-power, grenade, and melee regeneration.

In Euption, you will shine a little until you explode.

Top-eruptive Killstreaks, please.

In the new Destiny 2 mode, with each kill we will get a point for our marker. But if it is on a streak (without dying) we will start on Surge or even then start to shine. If we reach the fifth kill in the seventh, we will become Prime, which will activate The Hunt and extend these improvements to the whole team, super, pomegranate, and melee. But then there’s a serious chance that, in this world, we’ll only have fifteen seconds to explode, then be desperate to explode.

If you don’t get a chance to get 3 points out of the upcoming state, then we will be able to find the people on the map, so we’ll have to pay attention to the disadvantage. If the opponents take advantage of this and turn in the next, you won’t be able to get them 3 extra points. Next season, Bungie will retire the Iron Banner break mode, but that won’t go away, well get it in the first three weeks and fourteen in Crucible-Mods, plus, of course, through private matches.