It’ll be quite hard from now on to going to stealing WhatsApp accounts

It is the most popular app in Europe. It's not surprising that WhatsApp is also a favorite target for hackers. For an attacker, access to the primary communication methods we use is a very important thing. [Los estados de WhatsApp tendran mas importancia que se comento en la hora de chat de []

As it’s the most popular app in Europe, it’s no surprise that WhatsApp is a favourite target for hackers. A smuggler can’t do without having access to the primary communication method.

[Let’s consider WhatsApp to be the most valuable way of getting used to this app]

There are a few cases where a fraud is used to attack other attackers; these are both used to get the right information and his personal data. Possibly in response to the increase in similar attacks, WhatsApp is testing a special measure.

The trick is to stop theft of your WhatsApp account.

As usual, the WABetaInfo staff look at the new feature which works to prevent the easy transfer of WhatsApp accounts to one another.

The popup message will appear on the app when someone attempts to move our WhatsApp account to a mobile device. In this case, we will ask us for authorization to accept the transfer and if we cannot do that, it will still get through and our account will be safe.

The message includes information about the access attempt, such as the time of the attempt and the name of the device that wants the account; however, there seems no location information to be included, at least for now. Because this feature’s already being developed, it wouldn’t be surprising if this post was edited to the final release, either with more information or without having to remove it.

It might still take a while, as it appears that WhatsApp developers are still working on this feature, and there is no indication that it will be released soon. In fact, its not even available in the WhatsApp beta yet, so it can still wait a little longer.

WhatsApp has already adopted a system to prevent suspicious logins. Unfortunately, it works on the mobile. Basically, we must send the code to the mobile number. When you enter the code (or when the application detects its effect automatically), the connection will be approved.

The problem with the use of SMS to act is that these messages are very sensitive to attacks, so as to protect themselves from the dangers of a hacker – so he can use the code for the authentication. This new function could also allow us to use WhatsApp on a second mobile without our telephone number.

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