It’s time for another class to awaken in Phantasy Star Online: New Genesis

Remarry Although the Harmonizer doesn't look intimidating, the Wakers’ primary weapon of destruction will definitely leave its mark. Answer the question Does it have an NGS? It's harder to answer the question, and with the introduction of one of the Waker abilities, Fredran Riding. Blocking attacks will annoy the familiar, and at the same time infuriate the public.


  • If you don’t feel like an intimidating weapon, the Wakers primary weapon of destruction will be sure to leave its mark.
  • Answering the question: Are there any walled-laces in it NGS? This becomes harder with the introduction of one of the Waker’s abilities Fredran Riding.
  • Blocking attacks will upset familiar, but at some point his anger can be explosive.

This isn’t the first time a new class has been introduced in the genre Fantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2:NGS) since its release in June 2021. The sci-fi action RPG was joined by Braver, a bow and katana powerhouse in the same year in August, followed by Bouncer, who launched The Jet Boots with Soaring Blades in October. Since it isn’t a class present Fantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2), it’s likely that these weeks introduces Waker will be a bit different with this classes.

This class doesn’t get the same semblance to the popular summoner class PSO2: Weapon choice is limited to weapon-option equipment such as the halio-electricizer. No, there is definitely no candy box that can handle this. Waker is capturing photonic, animalistic manifestations of death and destruction in a dynamic dance that fits the games fluid combat style. The class does not shy away from dealing with a personal, directly or indirectly with enemies, as they can play on their own side. With both single-target and area-of-effect capabilities, Waker is versatile and complex, and I will describe what I mean through that in the following paragraphs.

Unlike the hordes of light, the Waker uses the Harmonizer. Since he takes the Harmonizer Focus ability from his skill tree, the Waker then is part of the Favourites Detectometer, which is on the Photon Art (PA) she uses to destroy the enemy. Using a Wulfren-related physics system, you build a Wulfrens Focus Gauge. Ride Fredran into combat and mow your enemies in. If you can and its a PA called Fredran Riding, you will increase Fredran’s focus meter. A little bit more fun to take advantage of their focus gauges simultaneously, as you can then use a portion of each one using the Skills Familiar Harmony which unleashes them simultaneously for harmonious chaos.

The above might sound very simple but while the game is changing when you consider that Waker has every skill at his disposal, the key, or once charged, may come to an end. For example, the inability for Fredran Riding, used in the law, instructs Fredran and fire enemies to fire weapons with a ranged blast. When you charge up the skill and then try to attack enemies on your winged familiar, the real magic comes. When the pal finally has the power to regain control, Fredran walks out on the fire, ecstatic to take to you the enemies.

Wulfen Demolition is quite complex, as long as you don’t have to charge the ability, the huge familiars activities depend only on how much time you earn. Uncharted, Wulfen has a shockwave attack. Wulfen, who has been charged for a short time, will ground the heap and cause the aftershock in the area. Being charged longer will cost you more PP, and Wulfen will attempt more powerful attacks than his normal ground pound. These are just two skill sets Waker can use in combat, but the other are non-complicated.

On the waker, they call Marmelo also one familiar. When you parry a madle with your weapon action, Marmelo grows to 20 percent. If a weapon action is in motion, it will throw Marmelo at enemies, which causes an explosion on a direct hit. The Waker can, finally, take the Treble Clef Marking skill tree resulting in normal attacks, based on multiple attempts to the enemy, to apply a mark that increases damage taken as well as down-factor applied, reducing the probability of a stun, essentially. If you turn on Normal Attack and look at the Xenoth of the Empire in your position, the point will explode.

There are other things in the Wakers skill tree that bring great interest to the games, but based on the above, you could easily enter battle with a winged familiar, cause an earthquake, and summon both familiars at the same time for a tandem Mayhem, who hurls another familiar with a bomb while detonating marked enemies in between. This isn’t a leisurely game, but after all, it is a really great game. If you have a tendency to change your classes like Waker, you should know that you’ll be able to choose it as a subclass but all the benefits of this are to the purpose of enhancing your skills.

If you don’t play PSO2:NGS then it’s time to make fun of yourself (pun intended). All you have to do is visit the Xbox or Windows store, or download the game for free, and to experience the wonder of Halpha for yourself.