Last of Us: The Last of Us: Part I: New trailer compares the originals to the original

Before the remaster of The Last of Us: Part I arrives in September, Naughty Dog would like to share with you what's going on compared to the template again. Many think that the two-time remaster of Last of Us is superfluous. It's no surprise Naughty Dog is keen to convince players its worth [a] thing.

Before the remaster of The Last of Us: Part I starts in September, Naughty Dog wants to tell you more about what happened technically.

Many consider The Last Of Us the very second remaster of the world superfluous. Naughty Dog is keen to convince players that it is important to get a third of their earnings. The studio is releasing some very small comparisons to clarify what has been said in technical terms. There is a new clip showing Joel riding back as the image toggles between PS4 and PS5.

Many of the comparisons that we have made already include characters. This is surprising since many figures seem to be older. But Naughty Dog states that Part I is much closer to the original vision of the game. Nevertheless, criticism continues because developer tried to justify the price of the remaster. Because this is offered at the PS5 en-suite price.

Of course, it’s not easy to understand how influential The Last of Us is. The only question is whether it took nine years to develop three version models. The current comparison excerpt is captured in the embedded tweet.

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Naughty Dog (@NaughtyDog) August 4, 2022