Latin Eurovision: Everything you must know about Latin American edition

Eurovision is a song festival in the world. Year after year, a great success makes almost all of Europe stuck to the challenge of getting clear out who won the festival. Many of us even have our own ritual: taking photos, taking a break from friends and relatives and laying in front of [] a room.

Eurovision is the music festival celebrated in Europe. Each year, it becomes a very good success and keeps almost all of Europe in search of the winner.

Many of us have an unusual ritual: getting together with friends, as well as to watch Eurovision live by taking a swipe of the clock and vote on each other, and then singing from the first place.

Eurovision is a European tradition that has been a success for many years. The festival has reached a total of 75 million spectators since its 2022 anniversary.

Many of these viewers came from other countries outside Europe and, more specifically, from Latin America. Maybe this is what inspired the organization to begin planning an annual song festival in Latin America.

Now, an official, there will be a Latin eurovision. We’re telling you more.


Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) July 12, 2022

When and where Latin Eurovision will take place?

This means that there isn’t any place on the Eurovision Latino list now. Although festivals are going on, the production team’s looking for a place that can accommodate an event of such an ample magnitude.

Without exception, we know that finding a place in Latin America is one of the major markets. Let’s go by a saying that Latin Europe’s first edition could be in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile.

We want more information about Latin Eurovision.

Latin or Spanish music is nowadays a very strong kind of music in the industry. After Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, Latin music went to a close with Enrique Iglesias, and it appears to have begun to expand into other countries, such as Europe or Latin America.

Can you imagine a European concert with prominent Latin artists like Karol G representing Colombia or Natty Natasha representing the Dominican Republic? It would be a terrible event for many of us.

Unfortunately, Eurovision is characterized by giving a voice and visibility to emerging artists who are less powerful in the market. Among the artists who had already participated in Latin song festival, there were artists that didn’t know yet who could participate.

Even so, a European Vision in Spain, where Latin-styles like bachata, salsa, cumbia and reggaton predominate, promises to be spectacular.

I wonder whether the Latin America version of the festival follows the same track as the other two non-European versions of the festival. Voxovation is the company that will produce Latin Eurovision, and the company that produces Europa: American Song Contest there Europe: American Song Contest.

The American version was a failure – the truth is. Although it wasn’t the expected audience, the performances of YouTube show are very remarkable: they have barely seen any visits, especially considering the scale of the event.

On the other hand, the Canadian version will be televised in 2023. It is not known if it will suffer the same fate as the version of its neighboring country, but it looks like it is going to achieve similar results.

However, the Latin American version might be different, particularly considering that of Eurovision 2022 Online-Tourists, many of whom came from Latin America. It may be that due to the cultural link between Latin and Europe, this festival does more importance to the American continent (in central-southern).