Level Up: Yeeha games enter the industry

The 8th o'clock game in 2022 Yeeha Games has an estimated $50 million of gaming will win. Since the influenza outbreak, the current global markets collapsed; in less than two years, billions of people had a lot of change and volatility. But without soundwaves, the history might remember as 1922 a year ago, as many as you imagine.

The game platform, Yeeha Games, is beginning to open up the $5 million-plus swooping field.

From the coronavirus pandemic to the historic global markets’ collapse in less than two years, billions of people are struggling with a long time worth of transformation and volatility. Aside from the worst of the floods, history can remember 2022 as the year after a new opportunity emerged. Maybe now as well as now, the ability to keep focused, connected and more accessible means of ensuring that gaming is a fundamental tool of more effective means of obtaining more information from people worldwide.

In the past few years, the earliest thing in the gaming industry has been unintelligible gameplay and unobedient graphics. Yeeha Games is trying to sway that.

The gamers are tired of playing against each other with a poor gameplay, says Choy Wai Cheong (Choy), co-founder of Yeeha Games. We talked to Yeeha Games, to the best of the world, a immersive experience, the amazing exhilaration of knowing there’s always a way up, a way out, and a way into a whole new world of discovery. Where others create a normalized playing field, we connect gamers across the world to build and experience their own versions of the digital and virtual world. No matter how many worlds you’re playing in, we invite you to grow up in our ranks.

What Yeeha Games is offering could change, forever, the way gaming is experienced for many years to come.

Yeeha Games is building an ecosystem that offers games in real-time to gaming enthusiasts worldwide. It provides a platform for developers and gamers to connect to create and experience a new kind of gaming experience. Yeeha Games has been working closely with a large number of studios to create quality games that are fun and entertaining to play and drive user engagement and retention.

Traditionally communication between gamers and developers isn’t so easy; we want to break down barriers and build trust and transparency among the parties. Our platform gives gamers control over the games they love, allowing them to participate in the game and play the game of their own, added Choy.

When game studios release their games on Yeeha Games, they can enjoy the benefits of the ecosystem, such as building a network of gamers and providing expert support in the industry.

Those who sign up for the platform will have prior access to all the games of Yeeha Games. The platform allows users to transfer or exchange their assets and switch between games easily. To put it simply, gamers can be able to get involved in a variety of games without worrying about sunk costs.

Midgard Saga, the first game of Yeeha Games, will be released in September. Midgard Saga is a simple card-based RPG that follows the adventures of a prince to save his fallen kingdom. The free-to-play game is now open for pre-registration to all users in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, by the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. As well as winning the prize, there’s a chance tournament for all who register the game on the official website.

Yeeha Games always watchs the next game of superstar. If you believe in their vision and want to grow with them, please reach out to [email protected]. Find out more about their official website or join their community (see below).

About Yeeha Games.

Yeeha Games is a gaming platform founded by a team of veteran players from across the gaming and tech industries. Yeeha Games aims to ease the pain of gamers and the creators alike and bring more quality games to the market. The $50 million-funded platform has a wide variety of free-to-play games ready to come in the next 18 months. The first game, Midgardsaga, will be released in September 2022.

For media inquiries, please contact: [emailprotected]For more information about Midgard Saga, please visit: https://yeehagames.com/ For news and updates, please follow Yeehas social media platforms on its website.