MacOS Ventura: how to cancel and schedule deliveries

The macOS venturas mailing has a ton of new features, including smarter search, quick notes and rich links. Even the two of the most important things is how to schedule or cancel an exchange. Let's look at how each of them works and what's new to macOS Ventura users.

This app has various new features, including smarter search, reminders and rich links. But the two most notable features are related to the ability to schedule or cancel an email.

Let’s look at each of them and the new features of macOS Ventura to Mac users.

How to send an email in Google Mail, please.

  • The sidebar shown on the left column of Mail that shows all your mailboxes must be displayed before unsending an email. If the icon doesn’t appear, you won’t be able to send an email. You can start the sidebar by clicking On your keyboard or by pressing Control-Command-S on the sidebar.
  • The unsend link is on the left. You can still unsend your email for ten seconds. If the time comes to expire, the link flashes in the form of a Send mail alert. You’ll be sent an email.
  • To send the email, click the Unsend link before time expires.

  • The email opens in edit mode when you receive an email. You can make changes and resend them or you can delete a message.
  • How to schedule an email in the Apple Mail address?

  • After you compose the letter, click the down arrow next to the Send button. This will open a popup window with time options. You can choose one of them or Send Later to schedule a specific time.
  • If you click Send Later, a scheduler appears to set the time of time. Click the Schedule button when the time is reasonable.
  • The email that’s scheduled for later will appear in the Send Later dialog box in the sidebar. If you haven’t planned an email before, it could take some time.
  • You can always go to Send Later & open an email so you can make whatever changes you think are necessary for the message to be sent.

    Please note that the Mail application must be open if you want to send the scheduled mail. Leave the emails going on in the background.

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