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The last of us part 1 – official art for the PS5 Int/The last of us Part 1 intro and the magic it has exudes This may not reveal anything new to anybody, or at least you read those words, but be clear: The last of us part 1 is a masterpiece. We were not just [she]; we were not.

To The Last of Us, this piece was released for PS5: Part 1 of The Last of Us.

The last of us introduces in Part One and the magic you make so exciting.

That may not reveal anything new to anyone, or at least you read these words, but be clear: The Last of Us is part 1 of a masterpiece. Were not only facing a title he created unique moments such as the moment of giraffes are already iconic but also continues to maintain this type of style after its featured sequel issues that weren’t in the original.

One solitary dog is the subject of the crime. You don’t have a bad chance of seeing something happening on the screen, but even it becomes more than an unconscious fear of having trouble resolving the mystery of what happens on the screen.

Even though the whole game has genuine momentazos that it does not require an introduction yet, in the event that, without a lot of hesitation, I could say that we are facing 15 minutes of opening a video game,since the time it takes to prepare dinner parties, Naughty Dog has summed up the whole part of the game.

And that’s exactly why, before the future will return, which will take the form of The last of us, I want to talk to you about the start of the 2013 title, because I think that it’s a far cry from a moment when it was the Last of us part 2. If anybody has any questions about this, there are spoilers.

Sarah and Joel did In Revelation by the end of the Last of Us part 1.

Normal life will break your mind.

Since all the previous trailers have shown a fight for survival, the first minutes of The last of us part one is the antithesis of what will be achieved, for the time before onset of the nightmare that would devastate mankind, we present Joel and Sarah as the normal two people.

There’s nothing really interesting about that, since Joel is an employer who wants to find a job and uses money. whereas Sarah is his beloved daughter and the person he appreciates the most of Joel in the world. Nothing distinguishes them. Nothing special. They are a girl and a father with every tyrant in order to meet for a long time. It is in the simplicity of our little dog that we discover the brilliance of the naughty dog.

The tragedy is still what makes the last we part 1 of the day and thus you can imagine that will not be finished and lead to the fact that, just after a finding out that his daughter had gone crazy and turned up by her name on the author’s birthday, the latter two became asleep after the protagonist’s birthday. Happy last birthday.

Joels watches are he most valuable possession.

Sarahs memory has never died yet.

It’s not accidental, since the way that the game of materialize Joels regret for the past is reflected in his actual appearance because he keeps the watch that Sarah gave him, its all for his daughter. And it must be said that there isn’t something that just in first gameso cannot be found in the last room in the last section of our room because of his relationship with Aldo and Abby, who played golf.

After this analogy that can’t spoil the second part, there is still much to say about what happened after this father and daughter meeting, since we go from one moment of daily life to another of despair that is not done with a banal and vague way.

With the exception of all of us – as he is just the last of us, he’s doing a very clever thing by abandoning us detests of our self-control as it leaves the first minute of tragedy, who end our society, we see it from children’s point of view. That’s why, even though he’s home,Sarah walks in fear for the news he sees, and is so scared that the far distance explosions and not able to find joel are too.

Joel killed an enemy in The Last of Us, part 1.

The first death of Joel has been born.

and after the uncertaintythe game shows us how the situation slowly progresses at his final colophon. Seeing how he can shoot his neighbor with his father, who previously didn’t have any experience of fighting with the cordyceps, as he sees the damage of that situation on foot.

Nail death is more than necessary because despite walking by himself Jimmy Cooper killed himself but still wanted to kill him if he is mortified. In that direction, Joel even trembles. He had to be tough to protect his daughter, but only the first of many deathed to survive was to survive.

However, it is all materialization for two of our main principles, that is the human drama which there is the fragility of life, that will be seen in the next ten minute as we see Tommy, Joel and Sarah looking for a safe place. It’s all seen from the child’s point of view.

The last of us works of art became a copy.

Self-sufficiency in times of crisis.

I never told you that The Last of Us is a realistic vision of the end of the world, the truth is that the panorama viewed in the Naughty Dog saga is much more, even with real life: the public has to see through the windows of the emergency.

And something can also be seen when, walking down the street, Joel pushes Tommy to not take on a family, because he wants to protect him. And all this despite the fact that Sarah and Tommy point out that this family had one child.

Once the plot moves, They give us the cries we will see in the game, since this is the way we will see later, because if you have to leave someone behind it is not Elijah to save himself, he will. The only reason for protection is mutually beneficial. There’s nothing left to do. It’s his game way to show his humanity crumbles.

Chaos takes over people in Last of Us.

The end of the world.

Now be half that long – maybe ten minutes out of 15 that this intro will last, but so far we have seen resurgence, chaos, shame and selfishness. The worst comes, but when you arrive on the highway, and watch the fact that everyone is trying to run away is when chaos is broken when a driver exits his car, and is attacked by an infected person.

Often, this is because of it, that Tommy turns aroundlucky enough to be able to escape immediately after we arrive. However, unfortunately everyone caught in the traffic jam is going to die victims of the infected. They suddenly resign at the moment and have the opportunity of a small town where disaster looms, if the typhoon carries it in an accident.

It is at this point where Tommy, Joel and Sarah fall into despair taking the protagonists brother to shoot everyone without knowing exactly what’s going on. Sarah cries and trembles in her father’s arms.

Sarah and Joel had a fight against the army.

It is useless: Joel dies.

The problem is that, as the cover of tommythat first seems to sacrifice himself to survive with his brother and niece, Joel and Sarah finally realize a quarantine zone. Despite this, the soldiers saved the escapes, and were fleeing the infected.

We think that the final time you’re safeDave the despair that I was talking about earlier has spread faster than cordyceps itselftaking these to clarify the commands: kill anyone who tries to enter the safe zone.

Both Joel and Sarah die the night the outbreak started.

You can imagine the result of this fact. Sarah also dies physically without fail, covering his father. It seems that the killing happens in the same way. My body can move, but events tonight have led to that symbolically diesgiving rise to the birth of the character that we end up meeting in the game. The role that we eventually have to play will only be able to achieve.

In fact, this title does a very good job at this point, because we have little time and a half shot of tomny tambaleandose face to the impotence of seeing her niece die. So let’s take another ado and fade to black and finish with the title Last of us.

Ellie and The Last of Us Primer were released.

We have a bad time.

With all of this, it can be seen as as the conclusion of the book The Last of Us in just a few minutes, but not only in the playable, but also in the story in which there is a mix of tension, despair, sadness and loss of hope.

Are all the notes that define what is the last of us that, far from focusing on killing zombies, focuses on characters and their relationships. I wrote a novel about the human suffering, and how can the fragility of our principles crumble?

Because of this reason, the composer Gustave Santaolalla woke up twenty minutes later with a character that isn’t what we knew about the word “Jazz”. The protagonist we see is blatant, angry, and has one goal: survive. It’s a corrupt character.

Ellie is Joel’s second chance of getting something right. Forgive yourself for not saving Sarah.

It subsequently turns perfectly when the fights with Elijah. But taking it with the fireflies starts like a race that it opens up the relationship with the two characters that allows the two characters to see and gain a place for a place in which she wants to be alive and enjoy, as if it was Sarah. but as a way to redeem himself for failing to her biological daughter. Don’t put him behind bars.

The prologue and the end are all together and in perfect synchronicity, in that the man who we can observe from Joel is not willing to lose a single girl, that the title manages to convey to the player.

For all that was said, the meaning of the word, the meaning of it, and the meaning of it. I can see this moment only, but to quiet up, not for the sake of those words. Because Sarah is dead like many things in life. We can’t do anything to prevent him.

Table of Contents.

  • After the first essay of the Last of Us, the chemistry that follows him exuded from it is an illusion.
    • A normal life is going to break.
    • Sarah’s memory was never gone to death.
    • Joel committed a first death, and the second is Joel’s death.
    • Self-image in crises.
    • The end of the world is here.
    • It’s not necessary: Joel dies.
  • And Forgiveness is the end of all of us.