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Call of the Night is a really interesting mix of themes and styles. But my assumption is that its very fearless. Regardless of your circumstances, there is a lot of self-censorship in the book that seems to go where it wants, without third rails. I don't [] do what I'm doing.

Call of the Night is a fun mix of themes and styles. But there’s a key element of why it works as it goes. The point is that it seems to me that it won’t exist to say that there is a lot of self-censorship in the writing that seems to go wherever it wants, no third rails. As a horror story as it is in the wildest way, I do not feel like it’s a supernatural horror. However, it’s really difficult for you emotionally and otherwise. That writer should go there without worrying about how he’ll look.

While Nazuna has been the driving force of the narrative for most of the past few days, she still has a little dark matter. We get a deeper dive in what makes Nazuna tick. It’s a welcoming turn. Yofukashi went out of her way to highlight a vampire trope, a subject that is not reflection, or dark. I think it was so obvious to express the message; to avoid any assumptions over the rules of the road. Nazuna is a vampire. He sucks blood to live. But how she operates still is somewhat obscure even after this episode.

We know that she likes animals, at least, cats. And that she likes baths and probably has a very harsh smell. It seems obvious from her reaction to the disappearance of the transceiver that Kou has become a very important person in his life. But why is she addicted to sweet young blood? Is she falling for him while she makes him fall for her? From the perspective of his man, things are really messy. He’s a 14-year-old boy; he’s gone into a world of stimulations that is much too intense than his mother’s mind to express itself. He is introspective in his age often, but that not only allows him to see how confused he is.

Naz from the shower is one of those stimulations. Seeing her like this pushes her buttons a lot and it’s a chance for his first trip to a sento. This generation of Japanese youth is not uncommon. He notes his own arousal and anxiety, but together, there’s a chance he’ll be invisible (even as you can) at once. It is understandable for the shiver that Nazuna is feeding on others. Of course she had found other blood that was how she lived. While I wonder, why he acted like a human being until we got hungry for her?

Kou is suddenly very sensitive to the question of how Nazuna survives. He assures him that he’s not only sucked women, but also men (as far as I don’t know if she’s good at making him feel better). But what about the finances? She’s a cuddle buddy. But I can’t guess this is real a thing. But it wouldn’t surprise me. After a quick, but then superstimulating rest in a love hotel (coora’s idea went out of the way), they return to her apartment and share her style with him. It has a nurses outfit akin to cosplay, a menu from which we view no additional items as addons. Though not charge him after cutting skin, Nazuna offers some sample to Kou, but instead he takes a massage course.

This is a little crazy. Of course, Kou finds this arousing how could he not? Nazuna even offers him an acupressure demonstration, starting with the rokyu (lao gong) in the hand (for insomnia). What was her intention on the table? Many of the issues remain in the end of the day. It is often because it does predatory, and if so, how do they behave in that sense? He is a child and emotionally deprived, she is at least a little bit an adult, but also in a little sense alien. We all know that she’s spent after this exercise clearly indicates its significance, at the very least in symbolic sense.

A regular of Nazunas shows up Hirakwa Kiyosumi (Hikasa Youko), and Naz asks Kou to make a fill in for her. She says she’s trying to get him to the hex, but with the equivalence that even scold him, when she says she neglected her means of financial support because she only spends time with him. Even though Kou was willing to give an adult woman a massage, its hard to imagine Kiyosumi-san would be OK with that although Nazuna has no qualms about it, the wiggles are clear. Make no mistake, While she might be a rapacious killer in the horror film, Nazuna isn’t bound by human rights rules. Whether this is because she is a vampire or because she’s the creature of the night is not entirely clear. However, it could seem very crucial for Kou.