Ravensburger extends Labyrinth Line to New Disney Villains and Spidey and Friends

Ravensburger released two new board games to their expanded family-friendly labyrinth lineup. The two new additions include the Disney Villains Labyrinth and Spidey and the Amazing Friends Labyrinth Junior. TheLabyrinthline is a journey of players of all ages through moving mazes filled with twists and turns and running into the [] seaside.

Ravensburger released two new board games to the expanded family-friendly Labyrinth line of board games. The two new additions include Disney Villains Labyrinth, Spidey and His Amazing Friends Labyrinth.

TheLabyrinth line takes players of all ages, through moving mazes that have twists and turns as they are cruising to the finish line while playing as one of their favourite characters.


Disney Villains Labyrinth.

Nows your chance to play as the worst characters Disney has ever created. From Scar, Maleficent, Hades and Ursula as you look for other villains and their Henchmen in the maze. The maze is changing continuously, making it enjoyable for young people ages 7 and younger.

A board of games includes 34 maze tiles, 24 digit cards, 4 karats and instructions.

This is available for $330 on Amazon.


Spidey and His Amazing Labyrinth Junior.

And with full power, their superpowers will be used to explore the shifting jungle, get lost in the long, and return to Spidey and his friends.

Playable for 4 and 8 years, the game lets four players play. The board, 17 tiles, 12 tokens, 4 instruments, and instructions.

Spidey and His Amazing Labyrinth Junior are available for $26.99 on Amazon.