Super Mario 64 is a horror game that only happens on the fan site

The guy receives a mysterious letter from his girlfriend, arrives at a castle to find her missing, and all sorts of rooms filled with monsters IThis is the set for the original game that is launched in 1996 but the only one that's ever a humanly generated idea is to sell it, so this one-piece project fits very perfectly. The [] character of the Nintendo movie will be up above the rest of this.

A guy gets a mysterious letter of his girlfriend, arrives to a castle to find her missing, and many rooms with monsters IThe original model for the classic Super Mario 64sure 1996, but as a survival horror pitch. This new fan-made project is so perfectly compatible.

Over the world of Nintendo life It’s another princess that is in our castle an arcade-inspired horror experience. You decide to return to Peachs a few years after the Princess died, but it’s not really right.

It’s like a whole project from the ground up, that’s driven by perspective. WWhile its currently only a short playable demo, its creator hopes to arguably turn it into something more substantial.

Here’s a trailer for Mondin.

Another princess is in the Super Mario 64 trailer for our castle.

And here are some game shots that show how snarky it all started from the castle and collecting items and chasing the princess with a who’s not peachy:

As Mondin says its almost untitled and simple concept, don’t expect too much from that, even when it’s just a sneaking and very entertaining novelty. I will play something later today to see what the promise of mystery really is (hopefully the ghost is just upset about that her cake turned into a dog shit).

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You sell a lot of money.

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You can download the demo and play it yourself.