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FIFA 23 will arrive on the PC in the present day, too. With the latest installment in the football franchise, PC players have the same version as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S owners. The two years had been lacking many technical improvements for PC gamers. What are the innovations but they are different? How does it look?

FIFA 23 is available now on PC, too. With the latest football game, the PC players can get the same version as PS5 and Xbox X|S owners. In the last two years, many technical improvements were still missing.

But what are the innovations? And how does that look on the PC? We have some information together so you can see how you are doing.

This is the FIFA 23 model that is very good on the computer.

New screenshots show realistic 3D Goal Nets, crowds with more detail and variation, and an urban grass with even more realistic wear. You can see the whole thing here.

FIFA 23 View screenshots with the latest graphics improvements.

The trailer shows everything in motion.


FIFA 23: Trailer shows off the graphics improvements finally coming on PC, too.

What can be done on the PC?

A variety of visual improvement will also benefit FIFA 23 players.

  • More detailed fieldwork: The immaculate grass at the beginning of the game is covered in even more dynamic tracks as the game progresses, and created by the players’ actions on the pitch.
  • Improve network physics: FIFA 23 also gets the latest in 3D-based meshes on PC, which should make hits look realistic and satisfying.
  • Spectators Improved: This audience is much more content. An expanding variety of body shapes, heads and clothes contributes to the crowd.
  • More realistic screenplay: Shadows and lighting have been improved to become more authentic characters and character models.
  • For realists who can easily find themselves dressed in their own style.
  • More diversity: In FIFA 23, females and linesmen now also referee mens matches.
  • Camera improvements: Blur effects in close-ups should make the game more cinematic.
  • Xenomas: This is a free kick which will show a different game with the Yenomasia Xenomasi, and gives the game a real replay. The staging was, too, improved.
  • For many goals, such as sirens or animal noise, alternative sound effects are offered.

The following summary presents the technical innovations that PC players missed in the first half of the FIFA 22 series.

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What does PC gamers get and how do they not get it?

What do you think of PC graphics? Would you like something to improve or would you rather have done without something?