The Carter Review: South Korea’s One Take Action Is a One Trick Pony

Action films are always trying to reach the next level. The genre has been thriving for generations of filmmakers and they've always been trying to master themselves as they make a film. There are many major explosions, more intricate choreography, and more impressive camerawork. The technical skill of action filmmakers has always increased. A Girl Who Takes Action is a Girl.

Action films strive to reach next level. There are, for a few generations, many filmmakers who have tried to make a film, to grow each other. Bigger explosions, choreography, camera work. The technical level of action filmmakers is constantly getting bigger. After the release of films like The Raid and John Wick, the action filmmakers were able to demonstrate that the ceiling could go even higher.

However, as with every new film, the level for technical proficiency has steadily increased and the filmmakers forget the sequence is an important thing. Without them, the audience will have the difficult time to take care of what happens on the screen, no matter how impressive the action sequences are. Carter is a new South Korean actor on Netflix. There’s lots of stuff running out, but no more enduring stories or characters putting attention on your face.

The film is directed by Jung Byung-gil, who also directed another actioner, The Villainess, and the erratic Confessions of a Murderer. The film stars Joo Won, Lee Sung-jae and Jeong So-ri. The movie tells the story of the agent’s story. Carter awakens without memory and learns that his mission is key to finding a cure for a virus that is turning people into zombies, and that is dangerous to leave the Korean peninsula.

Carter is a huge mismatch of the film techniques and ideas. This movie is better than a script for the actors who turn to the movie. The stuntwork, done by the stuntists, is pretty impressive, and the movie is very nice. The stuntmen do nothing they can imagine, and director Byung-gil lets it out in a good way. Nevertheless, all the good stuff isn’t good, and the constant action becomes very painful at half hour.

It’s not very bad, as Carter is a two-hour movie that just comes to life. That movie’s almost as similar to those of Henry’s Hardcore a few years ago. It’s all about being an absurd action movie, so it can be appreciated. If you’re looking for something pure, meaningless, then this is a movie for you. In that regard, it might be quite entertaining.

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If you’re looking for a movie that tells a coherent story, and makes a story worth being a part of, you should look somewhere else. The film is often used with too many gimmicks, and sometimes they don’t pull the film off with a big success. For example, the film is done like a continuous movie, which is, of course, a lie. The location that made the cuts is not surprising, so it is surprising what it made you wonder why they did not try to create such a movie.

The movie uses this cinematography in quality and convincing you to think of a found footage movie like the look hardcore Henry tried to pull off. But Carter isn’t an experiment film; it’s a lot of fun. The frenetic nature of the scenes will leave some people disappointed. You really need a sense of equilibrium if you want to see that film. If you are dizzy, don’t forget about it like the plague.

Among the long-winded action sequences, Carter tries to tell a story about spies, coup detat, colonialism, and many more things. Although the movie is not presented well, it is inefficient, in fact, to the worst of the time. You can expect the horror of a zombie virus. It is ridiculously absurd and it isn’t good enough for the acting to sell it because it is really happening and should be taken seriously.

This film really does well to Joo Won, but his charismatic nature becomes blurred as a star in this movie. The character is often confused about what happened around him, and the audience is always following the movies. Where’s the story? It doesn’t really matter; it’s not a simple excuse for the new action.

That video would be an incredible part. First, is as an absurd action-switch, where you can see the enormous work done by the stunt artist. Second way, as a film a movie, a film that doesn’t really make sense of a good story or even a good show like this. The way you think about things will influence your enjoyment.

As Carter strives to do something weird, he leaves behind itself to the gimmicks of a movie whose effects are just exhausting and tedious, even if we are talking about a two-hour action sequence.