The Duelmasters are the Reveals of Mainstream, Thema Song Artists, September 4th Premiere

The official Twitter account of Duel Masters Win, a new anime in the Duel Masters!! franchise, showed on Friday the main cast and theme song artists, and a January 4th anniversary. Among the main cast is Shotaro Uzawa as Win Kirifuda Wataru Hatano, Jashin-kun Masayoshi Sugawara, and Rumi Okubo as Karen Maki Kawase []

The official Twitter account for Duel Masters Win, a new anime called the Duel Masters! franchise on Friday revealed that the main cast, theme song artists and visual artists were on fire and the fourth in September premiered.

All the cast is consists of::

Shotaro Uzawa won a few matches.

Wataru Hatano – Jashin-kun – reincarnates.

Masayoshi Sugawara is named Paparin (Guts Kirifuda) as a sierra-nato. Rumi Okubo is Karen’s name.

Maki Kawase as Bowie Obochiyama. Yohei Azakami as the Prince of the Philippines Emperor.

The first theme song, Step Up will be performed only by one N. Serena Kozuki returns from the Duel Masters! anime to sing the ending theme song WINNING ROAD.

The new anime will premiere on TV Tokyo on September 4 at 8:30 o’clock.

A new Duel Masters Win manga is going to be published on August 12 in the Shogakukans Coro Coro Comics magazine.

The Duel Masters! anime premiered in April 2020. The show Duel Masters! premiered in April 2021. The first anime, duel master King Max, premiered on March 3 – 2.

The three anime follow the anime Duel Masters that started in April 2017, followed by a new series duel Masters! in April 2018, and then on with the Duel Masters! anime that started in April 2019.

These are the main characters. Duel masters Win anime Twitter account, Icon Natalie.