The euphoric story in Abyss is this: Retsujitsu no Ougonkyou Episode five

We continue to give different ideas, as our group continues to split into one another, and while we found answers to a few questions and things, there are a lot more to ponder about what might be going on in this village. Reg is still lonely after leaving Faputa, but []

We keep along with a different line of ideas with our group continuing to be separated from each other, and while we were able to reply to some little questions and questions, the answer to some of these things remained pretty much different than that, and even more, we wondered why some things could happen in this village.

Reg is still alone after leaving behind Faputa, but he finds himself in a pickle when he realizes he’s lost. In order to make things worse, he’s being chased by the large creature of the second episode. The monsters are in a frenzy, but he gets unexpected help from his neighbor, Faputas, who turns out to be very similar to Reg. He calls himself an Interference Unit, a man who uses the abyss layer as a platform to collect data and knowledge. There should be some layer that need to stay in one layer; so we learned that Reg is an anomaly in that sense. He is the Interference, or at least a different type, but he moves around in different forms and doesn’t act like a Faputas companion. Although we learn what exactly Reg is, it does not bother us, as the Unit – which is a shame that it still hasn’t any information on the product or company – has no info. So returned to the square one where Reg has to find the answers on his own. Even though I feel like Faputa has hints and answers more, it’s a long time, so as to think how she was acting.

Back with Riko, she has a nice conversation but I’m not sure we’ll find him once again. But with his name, the same as in the flashbacks, it’s interesting that Vueko always works. Belaf was the most obvious of all things, so I’d like to see how it turned out to be that way. Essentially i’m dying for the rest of the three Sages flashbacks. After she learned that language with the restaurant lady, he tells Riko about why she’s going to go to a location that hardly a villagers can get from feeling sick. Riko is on the horizon. We see that its real Vuekos Domain is that the shadowy creatures of The Balancing live with him. When Riko meets Vueko, I thought their meeting was kind of cute. I never found it interesting. However, she still has not said that she is a good person. She says that because she wasn’t in support of the village of Iruburu, but I know that this must be more than that. Faputa is coming up there, and again, I think he’s the smallest tribal girl, but then I don’t know how she can’t connect to Reg. I really want to get back to those flashbacks so far that has been my favorite part of this season. Riko takes Vueko away from her shackles, so it looks like she was really imprisoned there judging from her sentence. There’s something to see in that detail it’ll be interesting to see what’s happening because of that. That’s a curious question. She’s mentioning something called The Luring, and she doesn’t think that she will control it; it’s that type of thing. Whilst Riko is confronting Belaf, Vueko stays behind, and considering the last time we saw them he was in good position, this is probably a related to the person in which Vueko was called a bad person. I think she will confront Belaf herself and I’m not too sure.

Riko is still in a terrible position. She finds a Nanachi sleeping near Mitty, and we learn why Mitty is here, and why it’s confusing. Apparently Bondrewed visited the sixth layer many times, and carried Mitty along with him every time. Belaf wanted her and Bondrewd, and they didn’t want to sell her, they made a copy of her. The real man, who was dead, is still alive. She was sacrificed to her half. How was Mitty copied now? I have no idea that the anime didn’t bother to explain how they could do that. After seeing Mitty, Nanachi lunged at her to stop Belaf from feeding on him. She was apparently enough to sell herself to keep Mitty safe. I know that the village can see all the deep desires and their true intentions, but just say “Save away from her!” I don’t necessarily feel like Nanachi wanted to throw everything away and just sell herself to Mitty. I’m called “bullea”. I can feel that she felt like on the inside. But she didn’t really think about it with Riko and Reg that I could not believe it. Now with a goal of surviving his friends, Riko wants to buy them, but the negotiation comes from giving up both of his eyes or both legs, or half his internal organs along with everything else she offered. It’s awful, so I hope Vueko comes to try to help him negotiate that kind of deal. The longer they stay in a village, the worse it gets.

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