The new cream pie Starbucks Japan looks like a scary one

The pearl chocolate sounds like something else, are many saying.

It seems like something else. But a lot of people say the pearl chocolate.

This week, Starbucks Japan released the latest dessert, Blueberry and Cocoa Cream Pie. The chain describes blueberry cream and strawberry powder-coated chocolate wrapped in cocoa-infused pie crust. Using a mixture of crisp, creamy textures and sweet and tart flavors, the chocolate is filled with chocolate based on the crisp and creamy flavour.

That sounds good, but Starbucks sweets in Japan are not loved because of the taste, they are also loved because of their taste. To say that Starbucks Japanese dessert will taste mouthwatering and social media sharing worthy, and as the Blueberry and Cocoa Cream Pie is certainly eye-catching, a few people want to shut their eyes in terror.

The biggest problem in people’s head is the spherical shape of the chocolate. The tea plant is called pearl-coated, but instead of precious stones, people think about eggs or larvae. This turns cream and crust into a broken egg sac filled with some liquified protein. It is especially unsettling for those who know pomacea canaliculate, or golden apple snail, that makes the home of a variety of fish able to grow along to ponds of water like rice paddies and produce egg clusters that look like it.

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The Blueberry and Cocoa Chocolate Pie was posted on Twitter and was followed by:

Why? She cannot eat it. Pink things are too big. If you were born in the countryside, as soon as you saw that pie, you’d be thinking about snail eggs. So as to respect those who came up with this, I can see a snail egg cluster. When I ordered One snail egg cluster, was I going to ask? If you have trypophobia (a fear of a number of irregular lumps and trouts), don’t even look at it as it looks.

I have to say that despite no complaints about how the Blueberry and Cocoa Cream Pie tastes, it seems that those who were so courageous of ordering and consuming it, found it delicious enough to satisfy the high standard of Starbucks Japan’s desserts. It seems like Japan is not so averse to fancy desserts either, so if you feel hungry or brave enough, the 300 yen ($2,25) Blueberry and Cocoa Cream Pie is on sale for a limited time.

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