The new Elden Ring Mod Removes Erdtree Why? To make the game run better!

Immediately after the start of the game, I think a huge golden Erdtree usually dominates your landscape. I mean, it's completely impossible to forget and that's what you're going toward anyway. This might [] mean it [honorable].

From the moment you start playing the Elden Ring (so, right from the moment you start) it seems right to say the huge golden Erdtree do tend to dominate your landscape a lot. I mean, it’s almost impossible to ignore the facts, and clearly indicates what you end up wanting to do. It might have a huge arrow sign suggesting end-game.

There’s a growing theory on the community that the Erdtree may be one of the biggest reasons that it can sometimes be a bit nervous. Even if it’s a result of its vastness and particle power, a GPU may be worth more stress than a required piece of equipment, for that is to almost 90% of the game, a basic object!

Although K4richard released a new set, he claims that a simple change makes gamers better and improve their performance by up to 10-15 FPS. How? Again, (metaphorically speaking) chopping the Erdtree down!

Float the moons and build bigger frames!

The mod itself is quite simple. Rather than removing the graphic assets of the Erdtree from the ‘Elden Ring’, it’s meaning that, although still there, its not visually present. Why is it important, however? Indeed, its stature is very impressive when a number of important moments arise. Various people have said that as far as they used this mod during the battle against Godfrey’s boss, they saw gameplay improvements of up to 10-15 FPS. A substantial amount given that this is quite a technical fight that requires a very precise timing to get those dodges right.

While it’s not so much appreciated, the mod is only being seen in all those who use a limited hardware environment. However, the results of it seem to have significant positive impact on a fundamental change, it’s definitely not useful. You can take advantage of its official Hexusmods website by clicking here.

This seems to be true. It is a point to recognize that you should only consider removing the Erdtree if your hardware doesn’t really deal with the game much. In addition, it is still unclear what effect this modification has on the game – whether that’s soft banning from FromSoftwares or a soft banning system. Should you use this mod, maybe keep the game offline, so that everyone knows why he’s trying to get around?

What do you think, but still? Did you try this machine out? If they did, what kind of performance differences did you note?