the update 1.04 fixed the problem with the Tails

The recent compilation of classic blue hedgehog games had quite a few bugs. Many people wondered if such a good option was to enjoy these titles. Fortunately, one of the most annoying problems of Sonic Origins finally has been fixed with the update patch 1.04: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The recent compilation of classic blue hedgehog games had a lot of bugs. So many people were wondering whether it is true that this was the best choice to enjoy this title. Fortunately, one of the annoying issues of Sonic Origins has finally been fixed with the update patch 1.04, the artificial intelligence (AI) of Tails.

If you play titles in this collection with the likeable flying fox, you know how common it is for him to get stuck in the geography of the levels or to lose entirely. He has happened very often to us. Fortunately, it won’t be a problem anymore.

If Tails is a virus, you can also use the AI-elements, and Tails 1.04 does not update Sonic Origins.

  • Discussion about whether games are the same as games that crash.
  • sound errors
  • Getting to the menu and the controls is getting to a problem.
  • Museum credit errors are corrected.
  • Implications in saving data may occur.

Of course there are still a lot of problems in the game, but Sega promised to fix them. We hope they do that soon, but we know that the biggest bug in the game is unknown. They can’t restore the original soundtrack from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and that’s a very serious tragedy.

Fuente: Statement from Sega.