This fighter wants to play the role of director in the movie

They are several people wanting to emulate Jin Sakai, the hero of the Sucker Punch franchise, in the Ghost of Tsushima movie. But a professional Castagne is going to do anything to be lucky. The original writer of John Wick saga directed by Keanu Reeves, has clearly done well. He wants to be able to take the time that is in the Ghost of the [[[elect]].

They want to include Jin Sakai, the heroine of the Sucker Punch franchise, in the Ghost of Tsushima movie. But an experienced Castagne will do whatever it takes to get the lucky one.

Chad Stahelski, director of the John Wick movie starring Keanu Reeves, clarifies how he would like to write the Ghost of Tsushima song. In the background it still is active and the actor who won the lead role won the crown.

Andrew Koji wants to play Jin Sakai in Tsushima’s Ghost.

At the age of 16 an artist and an English-made stuntman, Andrew Koji is inching to play the lead in Ghost of Tsushima. Why video games are trending? No. He is a gamer and fan of the Sucker Punch, which he has already completed twice. He is in action for Ghost of Tsushima!

I’ll watch Ghost of the Tsushima movie. I would like to do that. I think I am very capable of doing jin sakai. I can add my own touch to the character. I finished the match two times. I was thinking about that because of the adaptation, and the whole team spoke about it (note: the bullet train team, he stars along with Brad Pitt). The movie has a great acting ability, so it’ll be very good. It’s always a different story. This is the problem with these game movies.

In summary, he believes that the fact that video games are portrayed in movies is the reason for many failures.

He was also involved in the TV series Warrior and Peaky Blinders or the stapler’s eye film (2021). His qualities must show to a person’s ability to perform the samurai show.